Le Schnockeloch – Strasbourg – France Visit Review: 14.2

Hans at the Mosquito Hole

Schnockeloch (Mosquito Hole). What is this unpronounceable name? !! Obviously, you must be Alsatian to arrive to pronounce without stuttering what looks rather to a borborygme. Hans at the mosquito hole was a perpetual dissatisfied. All he had, he did not want it, and whatever he wanted he did not have, said the song. Apart from this name, the only real flaw of his restaurant is linked [...]
Le Schnockeloch Addition

D’Chez Eux – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.2

You bank account is now empty…

Come on, I'll do my old man: it was better before! And it must be said that since the departure of Jean-Pierre Court, a spark is lacking in this house that I have frequented several times.The worst for me is probably the disappearance of the mythical dessert tray, a marvel of delicacies that showed you your ability to transform into a ruminant and suddenly revealed a new [...]
D'Chez Eux Saint-Jacques

Chez Jenny – Paris – France Visit Review: 14

THE alsacian Brasserie!

As an Alsatian, I can only have a weakness for this Parisian institution even if it sometimes happens to disappoint me. Thus the removal of the beer Météor of the menu, replaced by a Kronenbourg which has nothing more Alsatian than history. Yes, Obernai is just a brewing place. Similarly, the Asahi is partly made in the Czech Republic (look at the back of the cans) and much of the [...]
Chez Jenny

Domaine Restaurant – The Vale – Mauritius Visit Review: 12.8

Mauritius in wife-beater !

Restaurant discovered thanks to a friend who lives in Mauritius for more than 10 years. If you want local and good food, this is the place to go. But in a cool way because the service is slow motion. Anyway, it's better to be cool because even finding it is worth it. And when you see the bunch of local champion leaning on the counter, you say that it is not here that you must try to [...]
Domaine Restaurant Maurice

Le Mirador Casela Restaurant – Cascavelle – Mauritius Visit Review: 13

Birds in your plates.

Casela is THE wildlife park of Mauritius. It is for both children and adults. The only flaw is the implausible complexity of ticket formulas.Inside there is a large restaurant that had the good idea to avoid industrial cooking and offers excellent small plates of Mauritian specialties, including a succulent "rougaille" of sausages.  But beware of the [...]
Casela Restaurant Vue baie de Tamarin

Republik Touessrok – Trou d’eau douce – Mauritius Visit Review: 15

Rock around the Touessrok.

Here is a hotel that has beautifully made its transition to the twenty-first century by passing from marble and other gilding to a natural setting, following the curves of the wood and embracing the spirit of tranquility of the place.  You can get a glimpse of the place when you go by shuttle to Ile aux Cerfs. You must pass in front of the beach and the villas. We have lunch [...]
Republik Touessrok Bassin d'entrée

Blue Marlin Paradise Beachcomber – Le Morne – Mauritius Visit Review: 15.2

The view in the plate.

The restaurants of luxury hotels in Mauritius have several shortcomings: they are quite closed to the outside clientele especially in the evening and they often offer lunch a second class menu, much less elaborated than that of the evening.  But it does not cost much to call during the day to have a lunch table. It's now done for the Blue Marlin, one of Paradise [...]
Blue Marlin Paradise Beachcomber Camarons et poissons

Chef Elias Fares – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.8

Little Liban in Paris

It is a chef I am following for almost 30 years as he moves between different restaurants. He is now living in his own establishment.It is a simple Lebanese cooking but of excellent quality. Knowing that I limited my Lebanese meals to Mezze. I take a bit of everything with a particular like for Arayess (meat-stuffed pains) and Rkakat (cheese puff pastry). Check of 32 for [...]
Chef Helias Addition

Winstub S’kaechele – Strasbourg – France Visit Review: 13.8

Little traditional winstub

Small traditional Winstub offering quality and homemade dishes. And which also has the title of Maître Restaurateur.Everything is traditional and authentic, from the owners to the decor and the kitchen, of course. The boss is extremely nice and will guide you according to your appetite and you discover the local products. Excellent foie gras, the same for braised ham pinot noir [...]
Winstub S'Kaechele Foie gras

Meiselocker – Strasbourg – France Visit Review: 12.8

The chirping of the tit

Small restaurant traditional style since it has been open for a few years only. It belongs to the same owner as the 1741, Michelin starred restaurant, which provided me with two mixed experiences. You will also find it on this blog. The Meiselocker is a tit lover. We exchanged his statue with the Munich against the VaterRhein after the war. Obviously, I'm talking about the Great War [...]
Meiselocker Foie gras