Frédéric Doucet La Poste – Charolles – France Visit Review: 15

To do again for check.

Nice place with a nice map oriented meat of course. But I write this words more than 3 weeks after my visit and I admit that I do not keep an unforgettable memory! Unlike many other restaurants I visit, I have already forgotten my dishes! Except a sweetbread that had been a little too poached before it went to the pan. And a steak very well cooked. Soufflé classic for [...]

Chez Françoise – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.6

Level inversely proportional to the floor.

Title that may seem perverse if you do not know that Chez Françoise restaurant is hidden for more than half a century under the terminal of the Invalides. It was an establishment that I attended regularly during the 90s. I returned there a little less than three years ago without disappointment.It must be said that storing the title of Maître Restaurateur is often time (I know [...]
Chez Françoise Corton-Charlemange Grand Cru Rapet

Bonjour Viet-Nam – Paris – France Visit Review: 10


The place is small but with a nice summer terrace. The 6 steamed ravioles are excellent, very fine taste, fresh product. On the other hand, the pot of pork and shrimp is disappointing, hence my average rating. Hard meat, small portion, good balance of the sauce between sugar and salt. But compared to the entrance, you are still hungry. Very friendly service. Plus two Saigon beers, [...]

Belga Queen – Ghent – Belgium Visit Review: 12

Good surprise

Not being a fan of fashionable restaurants, trendy design, I went to Belga Queen reluctantly.If the check was what I was expecting (a bit expensive), the quality was, however, at the rendez-vous. Excellent minced Charolais, the same for maatjes and desserts. Pretentious tartar with pinch of useless caviar and vodka cap. But as the view is superb, we forgive the service not very [...]

A la duchesse Anne – Saint-Malo – France Visit Review: 10.8

There is plenty of dirt to dig...

Lying against the wall of Saint-Malo, the place is in line with what is expected of this kind of "bourgeois" houses. Beautiful doors with carved wood lintels, tablecloths, beautiful glasses, everything is a priori so that we spend a good time. The menu confirms us in this hope. The service is particularly neat. The disappointment comes from dishes that, if they are honest, make you [...]
A la duchesse Anne