56 Degrés – Copenhagen – Denmark Visit Review: 11,6

Overcooked !

With Amass, 56 Degrés is one of Copenhagen's disappointing restaurants even if he is much less pretentious than his neighbor. But we are with restaurants that believe they have invented lukewarm water and that, under the pretext that they will make you understand what it means to return to nature, let themselves go to approximations that neither the bill nor the experiments can [...]
56 Graader/Degrés Feuilles plus beurre blanc

T’Zwaantje (Dum Dum) – Amsterdam – Netherlands Visit Review: 10.6

Here is a restaurant that would be a fair average culinary level if ... I'll keep the best for the end. It has a website that makes the effort to be translated into French and English. You will find me a little hard but you have to know that as the Dutch have a terrible language that no one wants to learn (except maybe aliens who find there by the greatest chance syntactic [...]
T'Zwantje Accompagnements boeuf