Pompeï – Paris – France Visit Review: 7.8

Pompeï killed twice.

As said (wrongly) Harpagon, we must eat to live and not live to eat.This restaurant comes within this framework. We are there to eat. It's not horribly bad but totally irrelevant. Salty pizza, elastic dough, suitable wine. An office clientele at noon. Price 8th district. 14 euros for a pizza with 3 ingredients, it calms right away. So only if you are very hungry and everything [...]

L’Angolo 42 – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.8

Little Italy.

All products are fresh, of excellent quality and well worked. A simple little disappointment for the pizza, without much interest. But the other dishes are worth seeing. Better to book. And even then, there may be waiting. Very friendly [...]

Aqua café – Suresnes – France Visit Review: 12

With the stream...

Formerly Salon sur l'Eau, the cooking seems to have now evolved into more transapline activities. To try one day to see if it is equal to the old version. In the meantime remains the setting that is always a pleasure.A few minutes from Porte Maillot you have the countryside on the water. Almost a shame to go at night, to enjoy our lymphatic Seine and the contrast of the trees of the [...]

Monteverdi – Paris – France Visit Review:

Jam session!

This is one of the few restaurants that I have not done since a long time but which is in my list because I have an excellent souvenir there. The attached photos are those of the birthday of Claudio Monteverdi's son. I had the good idea to be the only one to take a camera! It is true that in 2005, mobile phones were not what they are today.So I could keep track of this memorable [...]
Monteverdi Christian Morin