Collège culinaire de France

Bistrot Buci Mazarine – Paris – France Visit Review: 14,6

Riche lieu rue Mazarine.

As summer approached, it was time to stock up on the last cassoulet of the season. Although, it would not scare me in the middle of August ... but I will not be in Paris in August! Small dinner alone on the terrace of this restaurant Alain Dutournier.     Classic and well made terrine of sweetbreads and hazelnuts. We feel good quality elements worked very well. A [...]
Bistrot Buci Mazarine Terrine de ris de veau

Plume – Paris – France Visit Review: 13

Price of author

I am always worried when someone self-proclaims "author". After all, the influence of my literary studies obliges, is it not up to the reader to decide who is an author? And then you have to be careful. Barbara Cartland or Henry Bordeaux are authors. One for the worse, the other completely forgotten.     But the plate of gnocchi with tarragon, watercress, rabbit and [...]
Plume Millefeuille de ricotta

Le Cherche Midi (Dum Dum !) – Paris – France Visit Review: 9,6

Carnage at Colonnata...

  What more can you shout than "Murderers!" when you make a Bacon Colonnata suffer as they do in this establishment? And yet, the College Culinaire de France label could make believe that here they respect such a beautiful product.   The photo tickles your brain? Oh yes ! Not only is there a lemon, but the bacon is bathed in this juice. No sooner it has passed the [...]
Le Cherche Midi Colonnata

Auberge le Beauharnais (T800) – La Ferté-Beauharnais – France Visit Review: 16.4

More and more

  I do not count my visits in this house that includes everything I like in traditional dishes. But who knows how to get up to date without losing any of its marks. As noted last time, the boar's head was replaced by an elegant deer. The first is now at home!     It has become for me a stopping point for every stay in Sologne. Even if the foie gras [...]
Auberge Le Beauharnais Lentilles du Berry et moules

La Maison dans le Parc – Nancy – France Visit Review: 14,8

Nice Maison in a nice parc.

La Maison dans le Parc, Nancy's only Michelin-starred restaurant, under the direction of chef Françoise Mutel, could not avoid my passage. And this was definitely the best step of my four stops. At my next visit, I will try to visit château d'Adomenil, near Luneville, which is the only comparable house nearby.     The dining-room is classic, in black, overlooking a [...]
La Maison dans le Parc Filet Angus

Le V’Four – Nancy- France Visit Review: 12


The name of this establishment is in the approximate. Even if it is not by comparative pretension but for historical reasons (related to the name of the former owner) that his name is phonetically very close to that of Guy Martin "Grand Véfour". So the plate is also in the same vein. You don't judge a book on its cover. The decor is modern and without much interest. The usual [...]
Le V'Four Saint-Jacques à la plancha

L’Assiette – Paris – France Visit Review: 13

Reactionary but not too much.

Although I like the traditional, it should not be too much reaction. I landed in this restaurant after a video of the chef, David Rathgeber, on Facebook praising his hare à la Royale. We are there on dishes and mentalities that make me crack like rediscovering the calf's head in "turtle". But he made a quick description of the recipe and seasoned it with wild comments against the [...]
L'assiette Tourte de canard colvert et foie gras

La Goélette Royal Palm – Grand Baie – Mauritius Visit Review: 17.8

A MOF at the helm.

A wise man change sometimes his mind, a fool never. And it is true that I hate to give a superlative, too common habit that unfortunately applies to both pizzerias and starred restaurants. But in a relatively small panel like Mauritius, where only the pretension of some seems to compete with the competence of others, we need to acknowledge, after having tested some, that Michel de [...]
La Goélette Royal Palm Moelleux d'oursin parfumé de combava

Le coq de la Maison blanche – Saint-Ouen – France Visit Review: 14.6

In clover

More than 20 years that I frequent this suburban house. The last time, it was for my birthday. And apart from its owner, Alain François who, like me, takes the weight of years, nothing has changed. You enter here in an "old-fashioned" house in all its splendor, although some may blame it (sometimes rightly) for not having moved for too long. And it is true that between a multiform [...]
Le coq de la maison blanche Tête de veau

Epicure – Paris – France Visit Review: 18.2

Silence. And enjoy!

You will have to trust me. I'm not going to spread out entire pages to celebrate this restaurant. From a certain moment, the dithyramb becomes bland.   I had the opportunity to have a table in (almost) last minute on Thursday for Saturday night. I had just started for three weeks my work experience in restaurant for my CAP (NVQ). And I admit that I was dead [...]
Epicure Bristol Précieux chocolat Nyangbo