Sauterelle – Grand Baie – Mauritius Visit Review: 11.4


This restaurant is located on the first floor of the chic shopping center of Grand Baie. Here, we are not in the souk but in the middle of small houses with wooden tile roofs that are many elegant shops. If you are looking for beautiful international brands, this is where you will find them.

As a result, the restaurant located there is in this state of mind, with an elegant decoration and a menu studied, targeting a tourist clientele but also the local bourgeois.

Sauterelle Entrée

Sauterelle                                                                       Entrée


There is a terrace with views of the rooftops and, surprisingly, in rainy weather, the view is just as enjoyable as in the bright sun.

Sauterelle Vue Terrasse

Sauterelle                                                                                                                                    Vue Terrasse


Sauterelle Cocktail

Sauterelle                                                                    Cocktail

The service is efficient. What about dishes? It starts badly with foie gras cromesquis which taste good but poorly prepared. They are not properly rolled, so got drilled in cooking. This gives an invasion of fat inside, in addition to a quirky appearance.

Sauterelle Cromesquis de foie gras

          Sauterelle  Cromesquis de foie gras


The octopus salad is very good and well seasoned.

Sauterelle Salade de poulpe

Sauterelle Salade de poulpe

The dishes are of a rather pretentious appearance, stacked architecture style. The two dishes Plancha of prawns and Duo gambas and fish are almost twins. But the disaster comes from the fish mousse, half of the composition of the dish with the prawns. It is compact and dry. A beautiful failure that should have been seen in the cutting. Indeed, they are sections cut whistle. So hot or cold, you immediately feel the pressure of the knife that the product has a problem, even before tasting it.

Sauterelle Plancha de gambas

Sauterelle                                              Plancha de gambas


Sauterelle Gambas et poissons

Sauterelle                                                                                Gambas et poissons


Sauterelle Gambas et poissons

Sauterelle                                             Gambas et poissons

In addition, one of the plates is served with a nice stain of sauce fallen during the training of the dish (confers photo). It should never have come in the dining room without being wiped.

Sauterelle Tache sur assiette

Sauterelle                                             Tache sur assiette


For dessert, I ask if the components of the mille-feuille are hme made. I am told No for puff pastry. What I understand because making a good puff pastry in the tropics is a challenge. But I’m told Yes for pastry cream. And then he coae back a few minutes later and tell me that really No. Okay, so I’m going to have a rum baba. I tell myself that there at least, the alcohol will be local! In conclusion, restaurant a little pretentious working elements of quality but whose work does not follow.

The bill is a little expensive while I did not take lobster or a very expensive wine.

Sauterelle Alamos Chardonnay Mendoza Argentine

Sauterelle Alamos Chardonnay Mendoza


Check of 103 euros for 2.

Sauterelle Addition

Sauterelle Check

Date of the visite: 2017 August
Mauritius ,Terrace
Sauterelle Gambas et poissons

Tel: 00 231 2638836
Addrese: Sunset Boulevard, Grand Baie, Maurice

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