L’Assiette champenoise – Tinqueux/Reims – France Visit Review: 17.8


What to say if it is not the establishment deserves no problem its three Michelin stars?I will not make a schedule of the menu, better to keep you the surprise. The style is classic with a touch of modernity but without sinking into the unbearable "creative".The service is perfect. Everyone knows his job and the menu. Ability to create a friendly friendliness. The frame is [...]
Assiette champenoise

L’Edito – Reims – France Visit Review: 12.4

Clients in press

Restaurant which works well, very well. Too well? Classic Brasserie dishes without much interest but invigorating. With a tendency to mix genres and countries. The only thing that really surprised me is that he has the title of Maître-Restaurateur while some dishes do not seem really compatible with this degree.L'Edito The boss is there to do business (hence efficiency/speed). [...]

Les Trublions – Paris – France Visit Review: 14


While the Rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève becomes the place of the hecatomb of the group restaurants (we will not complain), Les Trublions settled a few years ago on the slopes leading to the Pantheon.  Classic French with fresh products well worked. Tatin of black pudding, frayed pork, gratin of red fruits. With a nice red 1/4, 37 euros. Smooth and efficient service. [...]
Les Trublions

A.T.(i) – Paris – France Visit Review: 13.4

Like a hen in front of an egg

To be honest, I hate this kind of restaurant in which I feel as silly as a hen in front of an egg. Minimalist portions, exorbitant prices, great culinary pretension ... And yet, nothing to complain about since it's good. And I love everything about Japan, the delicacy that some people know how to express without saying it.So let's go: overall, a great job but sometimes so much [...]
Restaurant AT

La rose de Damas – Paris – France Visit Review: 10.6


The products are of good quality and fresh. I took an assortment of starters (mezzes).To say it simply, (even if I take the risk of making enemies), we will say that, despite the name changes, it's the same as the Lebanese cuisine but less [...]
Rose de Damas

Frédéric Doucet La Poste – Charolles – France Visit Review: 15

To do again for check.

Nice place with a nice map oriented meat of course. But I write this words more than 3 weeks after my visit and I admit that I do not keep an unforgettable memory! Unlike many other restaurants I visit, I have already forgotten my dishes! Except a sweetbread that had been a little too poached before it went to the pan. And a steak very well cooked. Soufflé classic for [...]

Le vieux Tour – Canapville Deauville – France Visit Review: 13.8


Old fashioned house with good fresh products well worked. Perfect Saint-Jacques feuilleté, honest pig's feet croquette (extra croquette would be generous), Auge Valley chicken with crazy tenderness, well-cooked sweetbreads (a few extra grams would not have be bad), a stuffed pancake very good but difficult to taste elegantly. Beautiful wine list. Friendly service. Overall a good [...]

La Chichoumeille – Les Milles – France Visit Review: 13.2


I stopped by chance in this restaurant because I was looking for another one that closed. I trusted the TripAdvisor comments and I can not but congratulate myself.Good products for a cheap menu. Atmosphere a bit noisy but it is an excellent step on the [...]

Casserol – Prague – Czech republic Visit Review: 9.4

A tin-pot.

The restaurant is located in a beautiful cellar. We pass in front of the kitchen to reach the room. The appetizer is succulent: 5 preparations of excellent traditional products, a real treat. The mushroom soup is a disaster, overloaded with dill, absent mushroom taste. Even if it's not expensive, it's really bad. The beef tenderloin with the dumpling of bread is strange. Mixed but [...]