L’Estrapade – Paris – France Visit Review: 10,6

One more dead !

There is nothing more disappointing than a restaurateur who sells his stock in trade to someone who can not follow the quality. Exactly what happened six months ago at the Estrapade, ex-pretty table of the 5th arrondissement.


L'Estrapade Amuse bouche

L’Estrapade Amuse bouche


However, we could still have hope with one of the house specialties, the Roquefort pear and chorizo, which go the distance.


L'Estrapade Poire au roquefort

L’Estrapade Poire au roquefort


The Dauphiné ravioles with gratin parmesan are all done so not much to miss.


L'Estrapade Ravioles du Dauphiné

L’Estrapade Ravioles du Dauphiné


The tumble begins with the pan-fried foie gras whose sauce is anything but smooth. Hashed more than fast and rough mushrooms.


L'Estrapade Foie gras poêlé

L’Estrapade Foie gras poêlé


L'Estrapade Sauce champignons de près

L’Estrapade Sauce champignons de près


The disaster runs in the farmyard with farm poultry, with a frightening and terribly withered presentation. The enormity of the piece can not compensate for the inedible aspect of the flesh. The table neighbors were on the same feeling.


L'Estrapade Volaille fermière

L’Estrapade Volaille fermière


L'Estrapade Volaille fermière de près

L’Estrapade Volaille fermière de près


The farm pork chop does half of the job because of a presentation as pitiful but much better in the mouth.


L'Estrapade Echine de porc

L’Estrapade Echine de porc


The duck breast saves the meal.


L'Estrapade Canard

L’Estrapade Canard


We decided to cut our losses and avoid desserts.

The choice of wines is excellent, perhaps because it remains the old cellar to empty.



The waitress is of great efficiency and kindness but only rowing to save the establishment of the sinking. A Calvados was offered to compensate for the disaster. Besides, the slates fell to us twice on the skull! When will the walls collapse?


L'Estrapade Calvados

L’Estrapade Calvados



Another table to scratch from your address book.

In accordance with the rules of the blog, I remove a point because the toilets (clean) are neither doubles nor accessible to the disabled. It is true that the restaurant is very small and that it is impossible, but my rules are my rules.

Date of the visite: 2018 September
Terrasse ,Traditionnel

L'Estrapade Poire au roquefort

Tel: 00 33 01 43 25 72 58
Website: http://bistrotlestrapade.fr/fr
Addrese: 15 Rue de l'Estrapade, 75005 Paris

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