Le Foch – Reims – France

Let’s start with the worst (but subjective I concede): the decor, as often in high-end restaurants.

Probably an architect stuck on an episode of Star Trek or Cosmos 1999, and who thought everyone had forgotten. Impressive luminous stalactites, comfortable but indescribable armchairs, boomerang-look sconces, and indefinable wall slits. Only the orange color comes to save the frame.

But it is true that in Reims, the Millenaire restaurant beats all the records since you would think yourself in a morgue.

Let’s go back to the main thing, the plate.

The original blue lobster dressing may be disconcerting but still a great job that will satisfy lovers of alliances of amazing tastes.

The sweetbread with Porto reduction is much more classic but superb. A real joy.

The great weakness comes from dessert, a shortbread on peach, honey ice cream. Dessert bland, hollow. Without interest.

Obviously, a superb champagne selection, with many interesting producers, and at very honest rates. There are many bottles of quality at less than 100 euros. So a champagne dinner is recommended.

Effective and considerate staff.

Check to 220 euros including 115 champagne for 1 person.

Overall a beautiful table.

So, what do you think ?

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