Le Clos

Restaurant that closed in the meantime and the conclusion of my article was premonitory:

To say the least it is that the comment for this restaurant is difficult to achieve. For the positive, I would put at the pinnacle foie gras absolutely fabulous, very fine, while I rarely take foie gras restaurant because I think I do it very well myself. And if I could taste it, it’s because our first entry arrived with a prawns almost raw … So back to the kitchen and foie gras to wait. The rest of the dishes are quite honest and overall deserve the Michelin star.
The service … The butler is very kind but completely overwhelmed. She also plays the role of sommelier. And it seems that the meetings of presentation of the dishes to the staff are not at the rendez-vous. So ignorance of food when there is specific question of customers.
It is very clear that the restaurant seems overwhelmed by the receipt of its star. You have to hire and train the staff. Otherwise, it is the ensuing rout, despite very good products and a good job in the kitchen.

So, what do you think ?

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