La p’tite Marmite – Lamotte-Beuvron – France Visit Review: 11.8

Comic kettle

Some restaurants are a play. Here we are closer to Courteline (a well-known humoristic french writer born at Tours) than Racine (the famous dramatist born at La Ferté-Milon). We are greeted by a gentleman who could be considered jovial if he did not consistently assemble the same worthless jokes to all the clients who enter. But let’s say no more about this, it warms it up!

There is nothing wrong with the quality of food that is in a quality / price ratio quite honest even if the presentation leaves something to be desired. We’ll say that we oscillate between a perfectible amateurism and an unfinished pretension. To put food on a support more or less design, that does not mean that one knows how to raise a plate.

Visually, the pâté is nice, the doe steak is an island on solognot pond, the pudding reminds me of the canteens of highways.

La petite Marmitte Terrine du jour

La p’tite Marmite Terrine du jour


La petite Marmitte Médailon de biche

La p’tite Marmite Médaillon de biche


La petite Marmitte Boudin blanc

La p’tite Marmite Boudin blanc

And for Mont Blanc, it is disaster at every level.

La petite Marmitte Mont Blanc

La p’tite Marmite Mont Blanc


But I repeat, taste is good. But it is always our boss who feeds the chronicle.

Following a concern on another table, he went away to bawl out the cookers and gratifies us with a scene worthy of the Boulevard. As we all know, “bis repetita placent“, so we’ll get the scene II later! Why stop when it is so good? Comes the check proudly displayed “proforma”, with the titles all in “suggestion” and delete by hand. I feel enough to excite a tax inspector for hours.

An epilogue? Yes!!! The best for the end! Take a look at this restaurant on TripAdvisor, select reviews 3 or less and read the boss’s answers. Customers who complain are ALWAYS wrong! They are successively categorized as awkward customers, false opinions, incompetent and occasionally threatened with complaint to the police! Between her and “the blonde lady” of “Entre Terre et Mer” in Honfleur, it is for me each time a good laugh.

Check of 89 euros for 2.

La petite Marmitte Addition

La p’tite Marmite Check

Date of the visite: 2016 December
Hunting ,Loire-Sologne
La petite Marmitte Terrine du jour

Tel: 00 33 2 54 88 01 94
Addrese: 38 Rue de l'Égalité, 41600 Lamotte-Beuvron

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