Kodawari Ramen – Paris – France Visit Review: 11.2

For the setting

This place was recently opened. It’s funny with his copy of Japanese street. So we eat at the bar or on small coffee tables to share. And then all the staff say “Hello” and “Goodbye” (Japanese) in chorus at the entrance and exit of each customer. Probably a Japanese tradition.

Let’s go to the important, the ramen soup. I took the roast pig. The broth is tasty although a little salty. We feel well black sesame. THE red Label pig slice … yes, I told THE slice. Because there is only one.

When the restaurant will be in crisis, they will reduce the size. It will then be necessary to start counting the square centimeters. The poached egg supplement (2 euros) was well poached.

To drink, I ordered an Oolong tea at 3.50 euros. What was my surprise to see a metal can arrive! Made in Singapore! And of a non-existent taste. I have been told that the drinks menu has enrich meanwhile.

Kodawari Ramen Carte

Kodawari Ramen Carte

All this for 17,50 euros. I know that we are in the Rue Mazarine and that the rents are expensive, but don’t exaggerate.
Last sanitary note, all the glasses (and soup spoon) are placed overturned on the wooden table which we hope (!) is fiercely polished between each customer with a well disinfected sponge each time. Otherwise, I can not imagine the culture broth.

Date of the visite: 2016 April
Asian ,Exceptional setting
Kodawari Ramen Carte

Tel: 00 33 9 70 91 12 41
Website: https://www.kodawari-ramen.com
Addrese: 29 Rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris, France

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