Itinéraires – Closed Visit Review:

Ah zut ! It's closed.

- Sylvain Sendra

It is often said “as luck would have it”. (We all know, however, a few people who probably were not random.) And it was this one that drove me for a lunch to this establishment run by Sarah and Sylvain Sendra, to the nice fame, but whose only the passage nearby decided me to go through the doors. After all, I went to Kitchen Ter (re) two weeks ago. Let’s continue to skim.

I say that chance is good because the establishment closed less than 15 days later without me knowing anything. So I could enjoy an excellent meal that I can share with you only memories.

In addition to being the famous “one who passes”, this loner who still worries (and more disturbing at night or noon?), I was badly dressed. All to worry the director of the restaurant that has not allotted the proper politeness and gave me a beautiful table of 4, even if it was near toilets. I was comfortable and not too demanding.


A very elegant little starter opening delicately the taste buds. Rondelle of white radish with a very light seasoning.

Itinéraires Amuse-bouche

Itinéraires Amuse-bouche

The real amuse-bouche comes next, cauliflower tops mandolin framing a light mousse and sprinkled with fleur de sel.

Itinéraires Amuse bouche

Itinéraires Amuse bouche

The first starter is a velouté of Jerusalem artichoke with foie gras. Very delicate contrast hot-cold. Beautiful elegance.

Itinéraires Soupe topinambour foie gras

Itineraires Soup Jerusalem artichoke foie gras

The duck of the Dombe is classically accompanied by beetroot, mixed with the acidulated raspberry. The North African spices that cover it are embellished with a dusting of galangal. It comes perfectly to make the beetroot-raspberry parallel.

Itinéraires Canette de la Dombe

Itineraires Canette de la Dombe

Rest the dessert, a cocktail of clementine served in a glass of the same name, topped with a yuzu cream and a thin layer of sugar barely caramelized with some extracts of Espelette pepper.

Itinéraires Cocktail de clémentine

Itinéraires Clementine Cocktail

Nice little assortment of wines to top it off.

Well, well that’s not all, but what do I do, now that our couple Sendra has sold the shop to go elsewhere if someone is there, if the grass is greener elsewhere, rest, discover the world and other flavors?

Itinéraires Mignardises

Itinéraires Mignardises

Well we are waiting for their return. Because a menu like this at 49 euros, it was given and we would like to re try it!

Date of the visite: 1970 January



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