Entre terre et mer – Honfleur – France Visit Review: 13

it's waaaaaaar!

- Stéphane Levesque

This one make a pair with La Petite Marmitte at Lamotte-Beuvron, although the cuisine is of better quality. Why? Because “the blonde lady” (or chef Levesque himself?) is a real battle-ax on Tripadvisor.

When I have blues, I read their responses to customers who have had the unfortunate idea to make a semblance of contradictory comment. Then, “It’s waaaaaaar”! Between encouraging them to go eat a sauerkraut elsewhere, advise them the nearest asylum, describe the unsatisfied as “real French”, offer to go see his competitors who make frozen products, want to file a complaint for defamation and other contemptuous tutelage, we have enough to feed comics for 10 years. Of course, I pleased myself exploring the website of this infernal couple to find the little pearls they would have left here and there.

We learn (photos in support) that the chef worked at Grand “Vaufur”.

Entre Terre et Mer Parcours du chef au Grand "Vaufour"

Entre Terre et Mer Parcours du chef au Grand “Vaufour”

He loves so much to benefit from distinctions that he doubles them in presentation.

Entre Terre et Mer Distinctions (doublées!)

Entre Terre et Mer Distinctions (doublées!)

And bad luck, even the Gault and Millau misspelling his presentation. To date, his rating is 11/20. Nothing much to be proud of!

Entre Terre et Mer Belle coquille (d'huître?) de Gault et Millau

Entre Terre et Mer

Before spitting on the other restaurants, let’s start sweeping in front of your door.

Let’s attack the real subject. Is this restaurant good? To be honest, it’s not bad.

The turbot is well cooked even if the potatoes are not the best accompaniment that I would put with samphire on this fish.

Entre terre et mer Turbot

Entre terre et mer Turbot


At 34 euros, I’d rather have a whole sweetbread than rogatons accumulated.

Entre terre et mer ris de veau

Entre terre et mer ris de veau


The apple rose for dessert is a technical job but is not stunning of taste.

Entre terre et mer Rose de pomme

Entre terre et mer Rose de pomme


Entre terre et mer Mignardises

Entre terre et mer Mignardises


To conclude, a chef who knows how to work but lacks a little elegance both in the plate and in his communication.

Check of 101 euros for 2 with only 2 dishes, 1 dessert and 2 glasses of wine.

Entre Terre et Mer Addition

Entre Terre et Mer Check

Date of the visite: 2017 May
Products of the sea ,Terrace ,Traditional ,West-France
Entre terre et mer Turbot

Tel: 00 33 2 31 89 70 60
Website: http://www.entreterreetmer-honfleur.com
Addrese: 12 Place Hamelin, 14600 Honfleur

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