Emirates Visit Review:

Champagne !

One of my great pleasures is to drink Champagne in the early morning. I do it very rarely, and mainly after the end of the year holidays to avoid falling into a disastrous social alcoholism. One of the other opportunities is when flying in Business Class.

Between the fact that we do not really know what time it is and that I rarely have the opportunity to enjoy it, it is a vice in which I let myself sink with delight.

Already that Emirates is a company that offers, even in Eco, a superior service to many others, in Business, it’s almost paradise.

Emirates Petit-Déjeuner

Emirates Petit-Déjeuner

Of course wide seats that turn into benches, travel kit over-equipped, smile more than staff. As long as you are kind and discreet, we will be even more caring for you.

In the Airbus A380, the tail is reserved for a bar that continues the profile of the aircraft. Sitting on curved benches, a cup in the hand, contemplating a sunrise at 30,000 feet, before attacking smoked salmon breakfast…

Date of the visite: 2016 August
Exceptional setting
Emirates Petit-Déjeuner


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