Belga Queen – Ghent – Belgium Visit Review: 12

Good surprise

Not being a fan of fashionable restaurants, trendy design, I went to Belga Queen reluctantly.

If the check was what I was expecting (a bit expensive), the quality was, however, at the rendez-vous. Excellent minced Charolais, the same for maatjes and desserts.

Pretentious tartar with pinch of useless caviar and vodka cap.

But as the view is superb, we forgive the service not very smiling.

Toilets to visit, even if the urinals deserve a good shot of pressure washer.

Date of the visite: 2013 July
Benelux ,Exceptional view ,Terrace

Tel: 00 32 9 280 01 00
Addrese: Graslei 10 9000 Gent

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