Auberge Dab – Paris – France Visit Review: 11.6


When you do not know exactly where to go to dinner in Paris, there remains a list of faithful Brasseries that we will often choose according to its geographical location.

Auberge Dab covers the Maillot door with its history, its setting and its menu. Classic in every way.

We do not come here to be surprised, but to be comforted, with the assurance of the tranquility of the restaurants installed, sometimes a little formatted but without major disappointment.

So a plate of the oyster seller that we will not list, your general knowledge knows what an oyster is, except that they are now almost all from a renowned producer.

We started to eat with tomatoes of yesteryear in salad and burrata. Saint-Jacques, wild bar, beef ribs, sweetbreads, tartare, veal kidney, you see the same old story.

A touch of originality with a Paris-Brest Arabica.

Wines selection very classic, with a fairly wide choice of wines with glasses (11), Champagnes (15) but only two organic wines and only two beers !!!

We will not go through Paris but whether for a business meeting or when we want to take it easy, it is a good place.

Menu Business Club at 39 euros.

Date of the visite: 2013 November
Brasserie ,Products of the sea

Tel: 00 33 1 45 00 32 22
Addrese: 161, avenue Malakoff 75116 Paris

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