A mon idée – Sainte-Menehould – France Visit Review: 14.4


First, why making a stop at Sainte-Menehould? With a name like that, with the various pronunciations and writings that have made linguists quarrel for centuries, there is something to be afraid of.

But Alexandre Dumas saved the city by making (well before the internet!) a crazy sales promotion to the ménehildienne specialty, the fabulous pig’s foot “à la Sainte-Menehould “. So visit the forest of Argonne if you want, for me, I follow my idea and sit down to eat.

The institution of the city is the Cheval Rouge who had the good idea (twice) to be closed to my passage. So in search of a paliatif, we arrived at the restaurant A mon idée.

Do not look for a frame. Do not expect the white tablecloth. Here, we prove to you that the internet has not conquered the paper. We eat on advertising sets that we thought had disappeared, killed by the clicks of the web! But the main thing is that the service and the plate are there.

You can of course be satisfied with the honest homemade foie gras terrine or “land and sea” smoked salmon with duck breast. For my sake, I sank for the carpaccio of pig’s foot.

A mon idée Ris de veau

A mon idée Ris de veau



A mon idée Coteaux champenois Bouzy rouge Savès

A mon idée Coteaux champenois Bouzy rouge Savès

Then hesitate between the complete pig’s leg or the calf’s head. As I have always been told that we had to avoid mixtures, I stayed on the porch.

All this for ridiculously low fares. Last check of 99 euros for 2 adults and 3 children.

A mon idée Addition

A mon idée Addition

Date of the visite: 2016 December
Alsace-Lorraine ,Traditional
A mon idée Ris de veau

Tel: 00 33 3 26 60 83 25
Website: www.a-mon-idee.fr
Addrese: 45 Avenue de Vitry 51800 Sainte-Menehould

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