Le Cherche Midi (Dum Dum !) – Paris – France Visit Review: 9,6

Carnage at Colonnata...

Dum Dum


What more can you shout than “Murderers!” when you make a Bacon Colonnata suffer as they do in this establishment? And yet, the College Culinaire de France label could make believe that here they respect such a beautiful product.


Le Cherche Midi Colonnata

Le Cherche Midi Colonnata

The photo tickles your brain? Oh yes ! Not only is there a lemon, but the bacon is bathed in this juice. No sooner it has passed the door of the kitchen than it begins to cook. Time to ask for some bread, olive oil … it’s dead. At 16 euros the plate, we cry.

Then the dish. Spaghetti alla chitarra alla buttarga are spaghetti peculiar to the square shape. Take a look at Wikipedia, it’s very informative. Increase the size of my photo as much as you want. Unless our bosses solve the quadrature of the circle, not an angle on the horizon. Especially that spaghetti alla chitarra, which benefit from the name “Traditional food product”, must not be at the same price.

When we begin to pip on the shape of the pasta, how do you want to be credible on the rest of your menu?


Le Cherche Midi Spaghetti alla chitarra alla buttarga

Le Cherche Midi Spaghetti alla chitarra alla buttarga


As for the Boutargue, it is cut into huge pieces.

WTF ?!! The mandolin was broken? !!

A maximum of 15 grams fights between pasta. I know it’s expensive but the plate is sold 22 euros!

Tiramisu teeny-tiny and banal.


Le Cherche Midi Tiramisu

Le Cherche Midi Tiramisu

The setting is nice. The service plays “friendly”, Italian and is overall nice.

But we feel a House that has existed for a long time, is not picky about cooking, probably because “it’s okay”, “they will not see the difference”, “the times are hard, you have to save money”, etc. In the deep of the jungle, we won’t complain. 22, rue du Cherche Midi, with the pretension and the tariffs posted, we grumble.


Le Cherche Midi Carte

Le Cherche Midi Menu


Addition of 54 euros for 1. The rating is not disastrous thanks to the quality of food, despite everything.

Date of the visite: 2018 January
Collège culinaire de France ,Dum Dum ,Italian ,Terrace
Le Cherche Midi Colonnata

Tel: 00 33 1 45 48 27 44
Website: http://www.lecherchemidi.fr
Addrese: 22 Rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006 Paris

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