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SPQR Such Pitiful Quality Rank

Even if the page of the site is slightly threatening, it is possible to have lunch or dinner at the Senate restaurant. Obviously by invitation or by group booking in one of the private rooms.

I do not think the Senate administration will hold me to the disclosure of this information because I will not encourage you to take advantage of it!

Indeed, at 44 euros the menu, for a group of 25 people, it’s pitiful!

To be expeditious, the wine does not even deserve to be mentioned. And just to be said, a bottle for three people, it’s petty.

Only the starter, the piquillo stuffed with cod brandade is nice. It tastes, it’s mellow, not too salty. We wait for the following of the events.

Restaurant du Sénat Piquilos brandade

Restaurant du Sénat Piquillos brandade

A pestle of farm guinea fowl from the Ardèche arrives. Well boned on the upper part. But greyish. On a dung of mashed peas broken. Not even a skimmer to give a wave effect. As for the hazelnut crumble promised, we are still waiting for it. There are no small savings.

Restaurant du Sénat Volaille

Restaurant du Sénat Guinea fowl


No one, the guinea fowl is badly burned. There are some remains of feathers.

Restaurant du Sénat Volaille mal flambée

Restaurant du Sénat Guinea fowl badly burned

Dessert is the shame of pastry. A soft puff pastry. Tasteless. Yes ! Sugar. Well, that’s something…

Restaurant du Sénat Dessert

Restaurant du Sénat Dessert

Restaurant du Sénat Dessert 2

Restaurant du Sénat Dessert

So it is true that the service is perfect, the staff is the little care; even the gendarmes who do the security checks are exceptionally polite.

Restaurant du Sénat Chocolat

Restaurant du Sénat Chocolate

But that is not enough to take up the disaster. I have no doubt that Senators are not likely to be fed the same. These menus, true “tourist traps”, must be concocted for those hoping to rub a short moment the “golds of the Republic”.

Restaurant du Sénat Lustre

Restaurant du Sénat Chandelier

You will tell me that there are charges. Which ones? The building belongs to the Senate. No rent. And I guess they have to have a preferential rate for water, gas and electricity.

Restaurant du Sénat Tenture pleine de symboles...

Restaurant du Sénat Hanging full of symbols …

Next time, I will try to dine with a senator, just to be really privileged.

Date of the visite: 2017 December

Tel: 00 33 1 42 34 25 16
Addrese: ter, 15 Rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris

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