Wolfshöhle – Fribourg – Germany

The elements are very good qualities, quite well worked, the service is perfect.

What is missing? Some associations of tastes.

The best dish is undoubtedly the sea bass with a slice of semi-candied melon and salicornia.

The sea trout has no interest.

Duck is an assemblage of good products but without thought association.

Good dessert.

Excellent selection of wines with this four-course discovery menu at 65 euros.

What made me give, among others, a note so low for a restaurant with a Michelin star ? The chief who, apparently for lack of personnel, spent half of the day indoors doing the service, taking orders, and so on. I may be old-fashioned, but for me, a chef is in the kitchen, not in the dining room. Whatever the conditions.

And he is dressed in pro jacket but in jeans and sneakers. At the level of requirement of the restaurant, it is impossible.

So I think there is a very good cooking base but some technical progress to make.

So, what do you think ?

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