Winstub S’kaechele – Strasbourg – France Visit Review: 13.8

Little traditional winstub

Small traditional Winstub offering quality and homemade dishes. And which also has the title of Maître Restaurateur.

Winstub S'Kaechele

Winstub S’Kaechele

Everything is traditional and authentic, from the owners to the decor and the kitchen, of course. The boss is extremely nice and will guide you according to your appetite and you discover the local products.

Excellent foie gras, the same for braised ham pinot noir (Alsatian obviously, not the Burgundy).

Winstub S'Kaechele Foie gras

Winstub S’Kaechele Foie gras


Winstub S'Kaechele Jambonneau

Winstub S’Kaechele Jambonneau

For the bibelskäs, I would need two to be happy but as it is not expensive, we can not say anything. On the other hand, the slice of ham is quite poor. To add a few cents, a nice slice of ham on the bone would do better on the plate.

Winstub S'Kaechele Bibelskäs

Winstub S’Kaechele Bibelskäs

Classic desserts. On order you can taste sauerkraut and bäckeoffe.

There is a terrace which you can enjoy on sunny days. A small stop of confidence when you go to Strasbourg.

Date of the visite: 2016 April
Alsace-Lorraine ,Maître-Restaurateur ,Terrace ,Traditional
Winstub S'Kaechele Foie gras

Tel: 00 33 3 88 22 62 36
Addrese: 8 rue de Argile, 67000, Strasbourg, France

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