Villa Sainte-Anne – Porquerolles – France Visit Review: 13.2

Sainte-Anne, patron saint of the climbers.

- David Viroulaud

On the top of the main square of Porquerolles, Villa Sainte-Anne is itself dominated by the church of the village.

This atavism of the heights is found with constancy in the composition of the plates.

The terrace deserves a little sprucing up but offers the advantage of having dinner in peace, this part of the place being much less noisy than the bottom. The house has the same owners as the renowned Mas des Langoustiers. There is therefore a similarity in the work of the kitchens.

If the steak of prawns surprises with its interesting mascarpone wasabi, it is a bit spoiled by a toast in base too dry and too wet. Contradictory? No because the toast is thick enough to stay very hard on its lower part, but it absorbs all the moisture from the salad that rests on it. At the top of the mound the steak of prawns. The cutting of this pile is perilous and chewing unpleasant to the palate.

Villa Sainte-Anne Steack de gambas

Villa Sainte-Anne                           Steack de gambas


The octopus salad is classic and pyramidal.

Villa Sainte-Anne Poulpe en salade

Villa Sainte-Anne                            Poulpe en salade


The filet of cod is the archetype of pompous and poorly controlled appellations. I transcribe: “Roasted cod loin, potato pancake with candied onions, fish fumet with smoked herring pearls”. First a pancake, it’s round, not rectangle. Then, herring pearls, it’s eggs. For sturgeon, it’s classy. With herring … Rest the presentation. The pancake-brick in one direction, the cod on top in the other direction, a good sauce louche on the whole and two pretty new leeks fried to top it off! I attack the plate. Sir Edmund Hillary had better behace himself!

Villa Sainte-Anne Dos de cabilaud

Villa Sainte-Anne                              Dos de cabilaud


Dessert, a Yuzu Dome, also has a little air of the “Badaboum” of our childhood.

Villa Sainte-Anne Dome Yuzu

Villa Sainte-Anne                                       Dome Yuzu


To be fair, it must be said that all this concerns only the form. The dishes are good, with quality food, well worked and well cooked.

Everything accompanied by an excellent Côtes-de-Provence Domaine Gavoty 2013.


Villa Sainte-Anne Côtes de Provence Domaine Gavoty Cuvée Clarendon

Villa Sainte-Anne


Check of 124 euros for 2.

Villa Sainte-Anne Addition

Villa Sainte-Anne Check

Date of the visite: 2017 July
Maître-Restaurateur ,Provence-Côte d'Azur ,Terrace
Villa Sainte-Anne Dos de cabilaud

Tel: 00 33 498046300
Addrese: 24, place d'Armes 83400 Porquerolles

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