Terroir parisien Visit Review:

Despite all the respect I have for Yannick Alleno (that I really apreciate in his Orient Expess adventure), it seemed obvious to me that his Terroir Parisien would not last long. I let you read the article of what I had felt at the time:

The dishes are honest. The fingers of pig’s feet (style Belgian shrimp croquettes) are good but the entourage is floury and not spent in frying, to avoid fat, understandable but loss of taste. (Fat is life! Plato – or Nietzsche – or Gandhi, I do not know anymore …). However, 6 pieces for 9 euros, it’s generous.

The lamb’s shoulder confit is classic, soft but not really “candied”.

Carrot brunoise is almost raw. Served in marmitte. 23 euros.

The glass of Côtes-du-Rhône is 5 euros. It’s cheap. It’s normal, it’s not very good, it’s too young.

The decor is modern and banal. There are similar dozens in Paris. It is a shame not to have conceived a space in architectural harmony with Mutualité, an historic building.

The service is a bit light. I will say that the servers are a little “touristic”. They visit customers by the way. It is charming. Well almost…

Date of the visite: 1970 January



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