Crêperie Onze – La Garenne-Colombes – France Visit Review: 15,6

Souvenirs! Souvenirs!

How many remembrances reminded me of this Master Class organized by the owners of the Onze crêperie! Work of the dough as Françoise Caradec, a pancakes maker from my childhood in Fouesnant did. With her muscular arms (and yes, no machine drummer!), she kneaded buckwheat flour, water, and eggs by hand.       And that's how this Garenne-Colombes restaurant [...]
Crêperie Onze Crêpe et rozell

L’Essentiel – Deauville – France Visit Review: 15,4

I've got gut ! That's Essentiel !

Visit that is just prior obtaining the Michelin star. But don't be fooled, I have not changed a line! After the exhaustive list of TripAdvisor, friends are my second selection of restaurants. You, dear reader, you also have my blog, and I thank you for following me! Being the last stop of our stay in Deauville, normal that I take care of the selection. No great originality as [...]
L'Essentiel Gambas passion

Pavillon Augustine – Trouville – France Visit Review: 14

Face to pavilions

This is exactly the type of disconcerting establishment. Because on the outside appearance, we rather want to escape this modern pavilion with large windows, which looks more like the tourist trap than the honest table. But on the advice of a friend, I pushed the door. Even if Antigone II Gonatas said: "Keep me from my friends, my enemies, I take care of it", sometimes you have to [...]
Pavillon Augustine Filets de maquereaux

Le Bréard – Honfleur – France Visit Review: 12,6

Très doux, trop doux.

Who was Charles Bréard? I think I spent more time trying to figure out who this gentleman was than writing this article. And yet I do not think he is small. Writer and historian of the nineteenth century, he left to posterity only a few books on the navy and sailors. As well as his name at a restaurant in Honfleur. Probably his best posterity. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere, [...]
Le Bréard Thon mariné en sashimi concombre et wasabi

Le petit bouchon – Trouville – France Visit Review: 13,6

All for starters

If at first you could think of a Lyon inhabitant lost in Trouville, the name of little cork is perhaps more reference to the float of fishing rods that we dined with perseverance at the edges of the docks at the time when we had this patience. What we will find in our old age ... Or is it the impressive list of wines and spirits à la carte that gave birth to this appellation? The [...]
Le petit Bouchon Gaspacho de poire, tuile Carambar

Les Etiquettes – Trouville – France Visit Review: 12,2

Still in my series "What is the No. 1 on Tripadvisor in this city?", I tested Les Etiquettes in Trouville, which alternates regularly with Les Affiches. The room is small, nice decoration around the wine, since it is true that the first selling point is the shelves of liquids that cover two walls. But all bottles are vertical, so we suspect that there is a very strong rotation. We [...]
Les Étiquettes Demi saucisson à la truffe

Entre terre et mer – Honfleur – France Visit Review: 13

it's waaaaaaar!

This one make a pair with La Petite Marmitte at Lamotte-Beuvron, although the cuisine is of better quality. Why? Because "the blonde lady" (or chef Levesque himself?) is a real battle-ax on Tripadvisor. When I have blues, I read their responses to customers who have had the unfortunate idea to make a semblance of contradictory comment. Then, "It's waaaaaaar"! Between encouraging them [...]
Entre terre et mer Turbot

Poissonnerie Pillet-Saiter (T800!) – Trouville/Deauville – France Visit Review: 14.6

Deauville without Show-Off

Of course, you do not have tablecloths with classic service. It's a fish shop that puts a few tables in front. But it's very nice. Vendors directly take the products you want on the stall, prepare and serve them. Since this is not a restaurant, no cooking, and no bread. So you have to go to the bakery next door to find a brown bread to accompany the oysters. It's even the server that [...]
Poissonnerie Pillet-Saiter Plateau

Le Spinnaker – Deauville – France Visit Review: 14.6

Some wind in the sail.

In Deauville, my great anguish is to fall on the restaurant "swank" in which you are "seasoned" under various pretexts like passing celebrities, flashing lights, impressive cars parked in facade and customers fighting over arguments such as "I have one bigger than yours" (boat, of course). This restaurant has yielded on one point, it has a counter that "shines like a brothel mirror" [...]
Le Spinnaker Turbot

Le vieux Tour – Canapville Deauville – France Visit Review: 13.8


Old fashioned house with good fresh products well worked. Perfect Saint-Jacques feuilleté, honest pig's feet croquette (extra croquette would be generous), Auge Valley chicken with crazy tenderness, well-cooked sweetbreads (a few extra grams would not have be bad), a stuffed pancake very good but difficult to taste elegantly. Beautiful wine list. Friendly service. Overall a good [...]