Sakagura – New-York – USA Visit Review: 17

Crazy Saké cellar

Restaurant located in a cellar of a New-York building, it is indicated from the street only by a simple and small light panel. The decoration is classic and banal Japanese (but not kitsch plastic). In bulk, I tasted a cold egg in a cold broth with sea urchin coral (Onsen Tamago). A simple appetizer but probably the finest and succulent dish of the evening. Some banal [...]
Sakagura Saké Summer Snow

The Breslin (Dum Dum!) – New-York – USA Visit Review: 10.4

A shame

When I was told at the end of the meal that this restaurant had a Michelin star, I only regretted one thing is not to have returned all dishes in the kitchen, except the dessert. Razor Clams a little overcooked and especially too salty, mushrooms accompanied by a burrata ball on a huge slice of bread without any interest, small curry pie banal and too acidic. The oysters were good. It [...]
Breslin Musar Jeune Liban

Tabernash Tavern – Tabernash – USA Visit Review: 12.4


We are there in an American restaurant above the general average. The wine list, even if it totally ignores French wines, is elegantly provided with varied and quality products. As an appetizer, nice but slightly floury seafood dumplings, classic fried onions. For the dish, a knuckle of lamb "à la marocaine" excellent and lamb chop of Colorado, served widely and with perfect [...]
Tabernash Tavern Quel accueil!

The Truffle Pig – Steamboat – USA Visit Review: 13.6


I discovered here the french fries strewed with parmesan and scented with white truffle! Obviously, we are in the United States, they are synthetic aromas. Fried squid dish very honest. Beautiful frame. Good [...]

Heck’s at Devil’s Thumb Ranch – Tabernash – USA Visit Review: 13.4


Nice place that makes hotel and restaurant. I only tested the second. The dining room is around a beautiful stone fireplace that rises to the ceiling. Montain wood structure.   A very nice list of very original cocktails. The small beef sandwiches are quite uninteresting but the pig puffs are delicious. A nice place to take a [...]

Steuben’s Food Service – Denver – USA Visit Review: 12.4

Tchernobyl chicken.

Original by the 70's decor, excellent cocktails, very efficient service. Classic with heavy, fatty American food, monstrous portions, a fried chicken whose size you subvert hormones or a short stay in the vicinity of Chernobyl, topped with a mashed potato sandwich (yes, yes, it's possible), a caramel toffee pie. On the other hand an interesting pork tenderloin, mellow and with an [...]