Le vieux Tour – Canapville Deauville – France Visit Review: 13.8


Old fashioned house with good fresh products well worked. Perfect Saint-Jacques feuilleté, honest pig's feet croquette (extra croquette would be generous), Auge Valley chicken with crazy tenderness, well-cooked sweetbreads (a few extra grams would not have be bad), a stuffed pancake very good but difficult to taste elegantly. Beautiful wine list. Friendly service. Overall a good [...]

Casserol – Prague – Czech republic Visit Review: 9.4

A tin-pot.

The restaurant is located in a beautiful cellar. We pass in front of the kitchen to reach the room. The appetizer is succulent: 5 preparations of excellent traditional products, a real treat. The mushroom soup is a disaster, overloaded with dill, absent mushroom taste. Even if it's not expensive, it's really bad. The beef tenderloin with the dumpling of bread is strange. Mixed but [...]

Chez Françoise – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.6

Level inversely proportional to the floor.

Title that may seem perverse if you do not know that Chez Françoise restaurant is hidden for more than half a century under the terminal of the Invalides. It was an establishment that I attended regularly during the 90s. I returned there a little less than three years ago without disappointment.It must be said that storing the title of Maître Restaurateur is often time (I know [...]
Chez Françoise Corton-Charlemange Grand Cru Rapet

Louis Vins – Paris – France Visit Review: 13.4


There is a new article in June 2018 about this restaurant. My last visit was at least 3 years ago and it is a house that changes regularly map typology while remaining in a traditional style. At the time really nothing to complain about the quality of the food. Lunch of an excellent cassoulet Bearnais and prunes with Armagnac for dessert. And then there was a calf's head. And then [...]
Louis Vins

Sakagura – New-York – USA Visit Review: 17

Crazy Saké cellar

Restaurant located in a cellar of a New-York building, it is indicated from the street only by a simple and small light panel. The decoration is classic and banal Japanese (but not kitsch plastic). In bulk, I tasted a cold egg in a cold broth with sea urchin coral (Onsen Tamago). A simple appetizer but probably the finest and succulent dish of the evening.Some banal [...]
Sakagura Saké Summer Snow

Le Clou – Strasbourg – France Visit Review: 11.8

When will end the fall?

Being from Strasbourg, I frequented this establishment.If the setting is true to tradition, the quality of the food is down. Baeckehoffe with a little dry meat. Average potatoes. For dessert, very average white cheese cake, closer to the custard. Good Pinot Noir. The service is always very friendly. With all the sympathy I have for this establishment, it is necessary to give a [...]

Wieninger Brau – Prien am Chiemsee – Germany Visit Review: 15

Bavarian Cellar

Restaurant in which there is practically only locals. I had a big Angus steak on stir fried chanterelles with cream and röstis. Huge portion, I could not finish. A meat served bleeding and soft. A delight.  For the ridiculous price of 25 euros the dish. A must to taste local. Service smiling but we do not linger. They are here to work. Which does not mean that we [...]
Wieninger Keller

Parkhotel Wehrle – Triberg – Germany Visit Review: 15

Beautiful restaurant with two rooms, one of red hangings and the other of wooden formwork and old tiled stove. Menu a little bit short, in German only. Local products well worked. A creamy mushroom soup, a creamy dish of cream, a little heavy, but we are in Germany ... A quarter of good German white wine for the price, in Paris, of a glass of wine just right. The staff speaks a little [...]

Au bœuf couronné – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.6


Institution which scarcely  needs a presentation. For the record, my grandfather frequented this establishment a few decades ago, not only because we found there the best meat in Paris but also because he regularly took his correspondents of Mossad who wanted do a cure of non-kosher products during their stay in Paris! I admit to having abandoned this place following two [...]
Au boeuf couronné

Dreimaderlhaus – Berlin – Germany Visit Review: 13.4

Germany, and all that.

Small restaurant created in 1884, with practically only local customers. Very little space.Great Wienerschnitzel with asparagus and hollandaise sauce (it was the season!). A boss a little rough but in fact very nice account. Good German wines. The house does not have a dessert [...]