Rob Wigboldus Vishandel – Amsterdam – Netherlands Visit Review: 13.8

Best maatjes!

Despite all the sympathy we have for Dave (most famous dutch singer in France), we must recognize that Dutch cuisine is not the richest in the world. They tried to sell us some cheeses, but they kept the best. It is indeed quite difficult to find in France the old Edam or a correct Leerdamer.So we have the maatjes! Because why going in Netherlands without eating maatjes? New [...]
Rob Wigboldus Les maatjes, c'est trop bon!

T’Zwaantje (Dum Dum) – Amsterdam – Netherlands Visit Review: 10.6

Here is a restaurant that would be a fair average culinary level if ... I'll keep the best for the end.It has a website that makes the effort to be translated into French and English. You will find me a little hard but you have to know that as the Dutch have a terrible language that no one wants to learn (except maybe aliens who find there by the greatest chance syntactic [...]
T'Zwantje Accompagnements boeuf

Hotel restaurant du Commerce – Pont-de-Vaux – France Visit Review: 14.4

Old Fashion

Yes, I know, I have the art to find the old traditional places with a bit old-fashioned decoration and the cooking not at all trendy. That's right the setting is a little bit frightening. The floor tiles are more than vintage. The coating of the chairs would scare the Adams Family. All those products are in very good conditions, don't mistake. There are only completely not "à la [...]
Hôtel Restaurant du Commerce Poulet aux morilles

Le coq de la Maison blanche – Saint-Ouen – France Visit Review: 14.6

In clover

More than 20 years that I frequent this suburban house. The last time, it was for my birthday. And apart from its owner, Alain François who, like me, takes the weight of years, nothing has changed.You enter here in an "old-fashioned" house in all its splendor, although some may blame it (sometimes rightly) for not having moved for too long. And it is true that between a multiform [...]
Le coq de la maison blanche Tête de veau

Tri Stoleti – Prague – Czech republic Visit Review: 11.2

The tourist I love.

If the house is old (three centuries as the name suggests), the interior has been completely revised in a slightly impersonal mode, probably to please the greatest number, thanks to an absence of affirmed character.Always to attract a trendy clientele, the quad-lingual menu (the website is in 7 languages!) is accompanied by an iPad providing photos, descriptions, weights of the [...]
Tri Stoleti Champignons Portobello grillés

U Modré Kachniky – Prague – Czech republic Visit Review: 16.4

Between Kafka and Dedalus

It's a blue house close to the Vltava, the river that runs through Prague, and that you all know by its German name: the Moldau.  Our Czech friends, fond of Kafka, first gave the same name to their two restaurants, dislocating them only by their address. Even the presentation on the website is confusing. The original, the one I tested, is in Nebovdska and the other in [...]
U Modre Kachnicky table

La Marlotte – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.6

Which future?

You will see that I always try to update the informations about restaurants. For example, this one will probably change of owner in the year. So my rating is for a lunch I made in January. I'll try to come back when the situation will be stabilized.In the meantime, it's a good table of traditional French cuisine under the guidance of Gilles Ajuelos. So it's changing? It's not [...]
La Marlotte Addition

A mon idée – Sainte-Menehould – France Visit Review: 14.4


First, why making a stop at Sainte-Menehould? With a name like that, with the various pronunciations and writings that have made linguists quarrel for centuries, there is something to be afraid of. But Alexandre Dumas saved the city by making (well before the internet!) a crazy sales promotion to the ménehildienne specialty, the fabulous pig's foot "à la Sainte-Menehould ". So visit [...]
A mon idée Ris de veau

Schloss Balthasar – Rust – Germany Visit Review: 15.4

Deutschland über alles !

I am sorry to tell you that, but Germans beat Americans hollow! My parent status forced me one day to go to EuroDisney. I have obviously chosen to go to lunch in the restaurants "high-end" (if indeed this term can have a significance in this place) to avoid the junk food accessible to "vulgum pecus", and without find something to satisfy me, of course. I know, I'm obnoxious, but I'll [...]
Schloss Balthasar

S’Kastele – Schiltigheim – France Visit Review: 15.4

Everything is good!

Oh damn, I just spoiled the article with the title. But why beating around the bush when authenticity, quality, simplicity, generosity are combined to give you a good evening? A grievance? Would I not be an ogre that I could have complained of not being able to finish my plate. But I managed it!On the other hand, do not try to find the "sauerkraut from the sea" with half a Canadian [...]
S'Kastele Mehlknepfle