L’Epigramme – Paris – France Visit Review: 15

Unknown and stupid marquise...

No lamb à la carte because the epigram (female) is not just a satire. The word (male) comes from a cloddish marquise asking her cook to prepare the same epigrams that her guests would have enjoyed at the Count of Vaudreuil's the day before. The poor cook Michelet will stay in History because, not knowing what to do, he braised lamb breast with chops. The "Epigrams of lamb à la [...]
L'Epigramme Oeuf 64°

Au pied de fouet – Paris – France Visit Review: 13,6

In the series "we are looking for a good restaurant in a tourist street", let's explore Saint-Benoit Street. We start today with Au pied de fouet, a small two-level establishment that is still in its juice.         We start with an excellent homemade terrine, made of large pieces of rabbit and veal head. The whole gives a soft texture. We smell [...]
Au pied de fouet Terrine Maison

Crêperie Onze – La Garenne-Colombes – France Visit Review: 15,6

Souvenirs! Souvenirs!

How many remembrances reminded me of this Master Class organized by the owners of the Onze crêperie! Work of the dough as Françoise Caradec, a pancakes maker from my childhood in Fouesnant did. With her muscular arms (and yes, no machine drummer!), she kneaded buckwheat flour, water, and eggs by hand.       And that's how this Garenne-Colombes restaurant [...]
Crêperie Onze Crêpe et rozell

Bouillon Pigalle – Paris – France Visit Review: 13,2

I bow

God knows I had my preconceptions about this restaurant which, in a short time, managed to get far so many praising articles. I didn't push the door of my own but following a family reunion. Exceptional luck, I avoided the frightening queue managed more than disorderly.     Without corrupting anyone, we were placed on the terrace of the first floor, thus avoiding [...]
Bouillon Pigalle Eclair chocolat

Chez L’Ami Fritz – Sarrebourg – France Visit Review: 15,4

Go East !

Just with a name like that, you can imagine that we are in eastern France. In Sarrebourg to be exact.     It is the locals who spent time on the school benches in Alsace and Lorraine who will know a little more than l'Ami Fritz is a character from a novel written by two authors from the East, Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian. It is the story of a bon vivant [...]
L'ami Fritz Os à moelle

L’Alsace – Paris – France Visit Review: 12,8

Alsace a bit watered down

Despite my habits at restaurant Le Bretzel, I went to make culinary infidelity by pushing the door of L'Alsace, a restaurant located on the Champs-Elysées. Despite my very negative a priori on most of the establishments that border the most beautiful avenue in the world.         L'Alsace Salle   The choice was pretty obvious because you [...]
L'Alsace Choucroute

Les Orientalistes – Paris – France Visit Review: 13,2

Sardines better grilled than meat.

With such a name, you can quickly feel a somewhat intellectual restaurant. And indeed, the setting has nothing to do with the usual North African decorations (sometimes beautiful, sometimes kitschy as hell) that decorate 99% of "couscous" restaurants.       Here, we are rather in a nostalgia for the past times when France was present on the other side of [...]
Les Orientalistes Sardines grillées

La table Saint-Jean – Provins – France Visit Review: 14,2


The restaurants in Provins are divided like the city, between the upper and lower. And the first one includes most of the pretty tables. There are of course some exceptions that you will find throughout my blog.       La table Saint-Jean offers a pretty menu of traditional and well-crafted dishes.     Snails, sweetbreads, calf's head follow each other on the [...]
La Table Saint-Jean Tête de veau

Le Clos bourguignon – Paris – France Visit Review: 10,4

There is stil job!

Around theaters, it's always a bit like Russian roulette. Restaurants that display the "Homemade" brand hope to get away with it by attracting quality-conscious eaters. But this is not always enough because, in addition to knowledge, it has to do it and the material.     And it is the latter that is missing on Chablis-style snails. If the cream sauce is correct, the [...]
Le Clos bourguignon Pied de porc panés

Au bon Laboureur – Bray-sur-Seine – France Visit Review: 14,2

This establishment has existed for more than 100 years (it is becoming rare!) and now managed by Gilles and Lorène Monti.     Menu a little bit complex to read because the most exciting dishes (the most elaborate) are not at the beginning. Indeed, the House, despite its peasant name, is partially oriented towards fish and seafood and offers an excellent choice of [...]
Au bon Laboureur Foie gras