Le petit Lutetia – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.8

Show off?!!

You know Joséphine-Chez Dumonet? Well, Le petit Lutetia is the same thing but trendy, same type of traditional cuisine up-market, noticeably less worked, and revised to make more chic. And as it is stamped "Costes", it works. So the steak has become a "fucking" steak, the lobster is "spicy", the crab is "king" and has "a lot" of crab.   Of course you pay [...]
Le petit Lutétia Baba en kouglhopf et son rhum Saint-James

Robe rouge – Paris – France Visit Review: 11.6

Lost color.

When I get up from this table, I think about this song by Charles Aznavour "You let you go". Because this is exactly what corresponds to the dishes of this restaurant.It has collected a number of praises and today, we feel a certain sloppiness in the preparation of dishes. The crispy prawns got a heat stroke.  The sauce of the lamb mouse is too pasty because the [...]
Robe rouge Souris d'agneau

Entre terre et mer – Honfleur – France Visit Review: 13

it's waaaaaaar!

This one make a pair with La Petite Marmitte at Lamotte-Beuvron, although the cuisine is of better quality. Why? Because "the blonde lady" (or chef Levesque himself?) is a real battle-ax on Tripadvisor. When I have blues, I read their responses to customers who have had the unfortunate idea to make a semblance of contradictory comment. Then, "It's waaaaaaar"! Between encouraging them [...]
Entre terre et mer Turbot

Pastar – Prague – Czech republic Visit Review: 15.4

Italy in Prague

At first, I was not really hot to go to an Italian restaurant in Prague. But the front of the grocery store with products that seemed authentic convinced me. And I do not regret it.Beef tartar, mushroom bruschetta as a starter, gnocchi with venison ragout, and tagliatelle tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, crème brûlée grapefruit and apple pie. Two Moscatto with peach syrup as an [...]
Pastar Daube de cou de boeuf

Vagenende – Paris – France Visit Review: 13.6

Everything but the color!

Very nice brasserie with interior architecture classified. Originally a Bouillon Chartier, then passed between several hands, it is saved from destruction by the inevitable Andre Malraux.Beautiful Belle époque decor where the woodwork and golden chandeliers are reflected in infinity in the beveled mirrors. The only fault of taste is in my opinion the new dominant color chosen for [...]
Vagenende Os à moelle

Republik Touessrok – Trou d’eau douce – Mauritius Visit Review: 15

Rock around the Touessrok.

Here is a hotel that has beautifully made its transition to the twenty-first century by passing from marble and other gilding to a natural setting, following the curves of the wood and embracing the spirit of tranquility of the place.  You can get a glimpse of the place when you go by shuttle to Ile aux Cerfs. You must pass in front of the beach and the villas. We have lunch [...]
Republik Touessrok Bassin d'entrée

Blue Marlin Paradise Beachcomber – Le Morne – Mauritius Visit Review: 15.2

The view in the plate.

The restaurants of luxury hotels in Mauritius have several shortcomings: they are quite closed to the outside clientele especially in the evening and they often offer lunch a second class menu, much less elaborated than that of the evening.  But it does not cost much to call during the day to have a lunch table. It's now done for the Blue Marlin, one of Paradise [...]
Blue Marlin Paradise Beachcomber Camarons et poissons

Winstub S’kaechele – Strasbourg – France Visit Review: 13.8

Little traditional winstub

Small traditional Winstub offering quality and homemade dishes. And which also has the title of Maître Restaurateur.Everything is traditional and authentic, from the owners to the decor and the kitchen, of course. The boss is extremely nice and will guide you according to your appetite and you discover the local products. Excellent foie gras, the same for braised ham pinot noir [...]
Winstub S'Kaechele Foie gras

Le Solan d’Aniathazze – Peisey-Valandry – France Visit Review: 14.2


Information before all my comments on the restaurants of ski resorts: I take less into account the fact that they are a little more expensive than the average "in plain". Several reasons: the routing is more expensive, they amortize on a shorter season and they have a captive clientele. So I do not think it's smart to complain about the rates when you go to such restaurants (when the [...]
Solan Valandry