Chez Ali – Marrakech – Morocco Visit Review:

Once in your life!

To say that I walked backwards to book a table there is a weak word. It is amlmost a gun on the temple that I accepted the proposal of my guide to spend the evening in this 1st category tourist-trap. Even if it means to sink into the supposed disaster, both do things big, so I took VIP seats. The arrival is a real disaster for the historian that I am. One is welcomed between pasteboard [...]
Chez Ali

Le Rouget de l’Isle – Casablanca – Morocco Visit Review: 15


One of the chic Casablanca tables, located in a residential area of colonial epoch, a haven in the middle of a modern sector. It is a beautiful villa with a beautiful garden and an elegant kitchen under the direction of.Le Rouget de l'Isle Hermitage Domaine des 3 Cavaliers Maroc I was able to visit the kitchens that are irreproachable. The space is large enough to hold professional [...]
Le Rouget de l'Isle Hermitage Domaine des 3 Cavaliers Maroc

Bleu Four Seasons- Casablanca – Morocco Visit Review: 15.8


When the power of a multinational company can do nothing against religious laws. This superb hotel and excellent restaurant belonging to the Four Seasons group is located less than 1000 meters from a mosque and is today (July 2017) still waiting for a waiver to be able to sell ... alcohol! It's silly!We were alone at lunch in this huge room with terrace and views of the Atlantic [...]
Bleu Four Seasons Dorade de face

Papacionu – Paris – France Visit Review: 13.4

Corsican Pizzas.

I will avoid the eternal and unbearable recurring theme of the best pizza in Paris. But it seems that these are good enough to last at an address that could not stabilize for several years.Apart from the peculiarity of being Corsican (but I still do not know very well what it means), they have the advantage of being good. Fine pasta, tasty tomato sauce and quality composition [...]

Mexi and Co – Paris – France Visit Review: 11.8

It's crisis.

Location that I frequent still once or twice a year.What is the same? Good products, a cantina atmosphere with the common table, the cutlery that we take himself, mostly friendly waitresses, grocery shelves. What has changed? We feel that the crisis has passed by. The quantities have narrowed significantly in the plate. Without changing prices.What is always nice? The beautiful [...]
Mexi and Co Façade

Cinq Fois Plus – Paris – France Visit Review: 9

Salted disaster.

Restaurant that declines a concept that seems to have already worked well with cilli peppers. But this time, five times more than what? Well, the chef must be very, very in love because it appears that it is salt.The vermicelli soup and ground pork was absolutely inedible. And the waitress did not seem surprised because when I told her about my problem, she [...]
Cinq fois Plus Au cas où...

Quartier Latin – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.8

Italy in Mouffetard.

The first thing you notice when you enter is that the place is managed by real Italians, which is becoming rare in Paris. The boss is friendly and very attentive to the staff take care of customers. The products are fresh and quality. A brunch provided on Sunday. A perfect terrace in summer. And a room in the basement. A nice stop in the district of Mouf [...]
Quartier Latin

Joséphine-Chez Dumonet (T800) – Paris – France Visit Review: 16.2


I admit it, here I am totally subjective. Normal, I spent four months in the kitchens of this restaurant for my CAP (NVQ) Cuisine course in Ferrandi. To learn more, I encourage you to read the "About" tab.I first pushed the door of this restaurant more than 25 years ago. My mother's husband had his habits and I still remember a salad of lamb's lettuce with Perigord black [...]
Joséphine-Chez Dumonet Ris de veau

Le Café de l’Odéon – Paris – France Visit Review: 11,2

The terrace!

To say that the terrace is sold is obvious. But recognize that the plate is not neglected.The dishes have an Italian orientation and accompanied by a nice selection of wines to enjoy the sun. A few plates of quality charcuterie. The rates are those of the 6th arrondissement for a single [...]
Le Café de l'Odéon