Fresco Coronari – Rome – Italy Visit Review: 13.4

Litlle Italy in Roma.

Small restaurant close to the Château Saint-Ange, offering traditional Italian dishes to grab a quick bite, bruschette, panini and especially cold cuts. Nice selection of wines at fair prices.Everything is quality, nice service. Better to try to have a high table on the [...]
Fresco Coronari Bruschette

Le Nemrod – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.2

Quick and simple

Coffee as there are so many in Paris. Wide opening hours. The fries are no longer home for some time. It's assembly cooking. But the items are bought in the upper range for this kind of establishment. And the staff is really very friendly. And there is a nice heated terrace. Check of 76,20 euros for [...]
Le Nemrod Addition

Il Cottage (Dum Dum!) – Paris – France Visit Review: 8.8

For the setting.

As written on the welcome page of their website, everything is in the concept. Not once is what will be on your plate. This is normal, it is not what matters, except at the level of the bill because if it is not one of the best pizzas in Paris, it is probably one of the most expensive. We must pay tribute to the advertiser who invented the concept of "The unique Rooftop at the [...]
Cottage Pâtes

Lancetta – Paris – France Visit Review: 13.2

Nice pasta.

Small Italian restaurant that offers excellent pasta dishes and a pleasant terrace. Lancetta Penne mushrooms   Those with figs melt my friend. A good little Puglia wine, a modern decor, a nice terrace to enjoy the sun. The only shadow on the board, a tiramisu that deserves to be perfected. Check of 52,50 euros for [...]
Lancetta Penne lardons

Restaurant Café – Pereybere – Mauritius Visit Review: 11.8

Basic and honest.

Ideally located at the opposite of the beach of Pereybere, this restaurant without a real name is easily recognizable by its characteristic red lanterns. Nothing very original or negative. You must try seafood, shrimp or octopus stew, garlic clams or octopus curry.   Medium table in an average environment. 2 checks of 56 and 30 [...]
Restaurant Café Pereybere Beignets de crevettes

La chaumière Masala – Ile aux Cerfs – Mauritius Visit Review: 11.4

Fo the view

The situation of the restaurants on the Ile aux Cerfs seems a little complicated. To put it simply, the Touesrock dealership stopped, so the Paul and Virgine restaurant became Sands Grill. The new manager also owns The Masala Chaumiere. I went to both.La Chaumière Masala is an original restaurant, set on the hillside with tables on high ceilings. We have a view of the bay and the [...]
La Chaumière Masala Vue

La Goélette Royal Palm – Grand Baie – Mauritius Visit Review: 17.8

A MOF at the helm.

A wise man change sometimes his mind, a fool never. And it is true that I hate to give a superlative, too common habit that unfortunately applies to both pizzerias and starred restaurants.But in a relatively small panel like Mauritius, where only the pretension of some seems to compete with the competence of others, we need to acknowledge, after having tested some, that Michel de [...]
La Goélette Royal Palm Moelleux d'oursin parfumé de combava

Sauterelle – Grand Baie – Mauritius Visit Review: 11.4


This restaurant is located on the first floor of the chic shopping center of Grand Baie. Here, we are not in the souk but in the middle of small houses with wooden tile roofs that are many elegant shops. If you are looking for beautiful international brands, this is where you will find them.As a result, the restaurant located there is in this state of mind, with an elegant [...]
Sauterelle Gambas et poissons