Charles-Barrier – Tours – France Visit Review: 13,2

Barriers to star

If the house undoubtedly seeks to win back a star, some details seem unacceptable to these claims.   Charles Barrier Lustres   We will start with the frame that, if it is old, no one can challenge it, still has a certain charm. But the halogen light on the terrace is an ecological and visual aberration. The spots crush the table, create monstrous shadows of [...]
Charles Barrier Joue de boeuf couverte

Les Bartavelles – Tours – France Visit Review: 15,8

Is it in homage to their father or by irrational love of the partridge that Veronique and Ghislain Damaye have denominated their establishment of the phasiniade of Marcel Pagnol?   Les Bartavelles Prière   In fact, it does not matter. What is important to remember is that this table, a little over a year after its opening, is one of the promising [...]
Les Bartavelles Tartelette aux figues

La Chaumière – Aubigny-sur-Nère – France Visit Review: 14,2

Better and better

From one year to the next, it is a sensible progress that we feel on the plate. During my first visit in late 2016, I noticed an interesting touch but with a je-ne-sais-quoi uncompleted. My visit in December 2017 showed me significant progress at all levels. Except perhaps the service which sometimes "act like nothing's". Small appetizers and classic appetizers. We start with a [...]
La Chaumière Carpaccio de Saint-Jacques

Auberge solognote – La Ferté Saint-Aubin – France Visit Review: 10

You said bizarre?

Whether on Google or TripAdvisor, this restaurant has very little opinion but very positive. You start to feel the problem ?!! The facade does not look like much but we know that we must not judge on appearances. The few photos of the site seem more than promising. Menu 13 euros for starter, main course, dessert. If your song is a beautiful as your plumage, you are the phoenix of [...]

Auberge le Beauharnais (T800) – La Ferté-Beauharnais – France Visit Review: 16.4

More and more

  I do not count my visits in this house that includes everything I like in traditional dishes. But who knows how to get up to date without losing any of its marks. As noted last time, the boar's head was replaced by an elegant deer. The first is now at home!     It has become for me a stopping point for every stay in Sologne. Even if the foie gras [...]
Auberge Le Beauharnais Lentilles du Berry et moules

Auberge du 7 – Brinon-sur-Sauldre – France Visit Review: 11.2

I am not a Number!

Some people do not support criticism, even constructive. With the number of restaurants I've eaten in, I'm starting to get used to those chefs we can not say anything about. Contrary to conventional wisdom, they are more often in small restaurants than in known tables. Here we have a nice little establishment that offers a small lunch menu, mainly made with fresh home-made products. [...]
Auberge du 7 Paleron purée

La p’tite Marmite – Lamotte-Beuvron – France Visit Review: 11.8

Comic kettle

Some restaurants are a play. Here we are closer to Courteline (a well-known humoristic french writer born at Tours) than Racine (the famous dramatist born at La Ferté-Milon). We are greeted by a gentleman who could be considered jovial if he did not consistently assemble the same worthless jokes to all the clients who enter. But let's say no more about this, it warms it up! There is [...]
La petite Marmitte Terrine du jour

Le Cheval blanc – Bleré – France Visit Review: 15.8

The pleasures of the table

Old-fashioned restaurant, which will not please the bohos in search of "hype" and trendiness. Here we have a beautiful menu combining land and sea, between foie gras with grapefruit and following, a wild bass.     Le Cheval blanc Bar sauvage   To finish some excellent Suzette crepes made in the dining room. (You will tell me that it is [...]
Le Cheval blanc Bar sauvage

Dallais La Promenade – Le-Petit-Pressigny – France Visit Review: 12.4

Lack of cohesion

Beautiful establishment, with One star Michelin, although the decoration is a little strange, mixing modern paintings, very beautiful baroque Murano glass chandeliers (or style, I'm not going to look at the origin). The space is really a bit high and lacks warmth. These comments are for the right room. The one on the left seems more cozy. The welcome is a bit special because the woman [...]
La Promenade Mousse crustacés, émulsion d'huître