La Locanda di Pietro – Rome – Italy Visit Review: 13.2

Not a tourist trap

In general, always avoid restaurants near tourist centers. It means that the search was difficult when leaving the Vatican Museums. Push off the bold advances of catchy waiters, zigzag between invading terraces, catch your breath between two scents of burnt pizzas and industrial tomato sauce. And then a facade that looks different, an elegant card, a discreet frame. Is this the [...]
La Locanda di Pietro Pâtes

Bistrot 64 – Rome – Italy Visit Review: 16.4

A Japanese in Roma.

Third and last of the Michelin star restaurants tested during our trip to Rome. Probably the most successful even if we always find something to say! I'm a little perfectionist on the edges! First of all, we are at the limits of the pillars of Hercules, in the north of Rome, well above Villa Borghese. As for the setting, we are more in the concept of bistronomy since the walls are [...]
Bistrot 64 Filet de cabillaud

Fresco Coronari – Rome – Italy Visit Review: 13.4

Litlle Italy in Roma.

Small restaurant close to the Château Saint-Ange, offering traditional Italian dishes to grab a quick bite, bruschette, panini and especially cold cuts.   Nice selection of wines at fair prices. Everything is quality, nice service. Better to try to have a high table on the [...]
Fresco Coronari Bruschette

Assaje Aldrovandi – Rome – Italy Visit Review: 14.6

Confortable numb.

This restaurant is the total opposite of Pipero Roma. To sum up, good (too) but no risk taking. It must be said that it is a hotel restaurant. They can not disturb the clients. There is a nice garden with a pool. You can have a cocktail there. There is a bar. Beware of mosquitoes, the area is a bit damp.   As in Pipero, welcome with a glass of sparkling (Italian this [...]
Assaje Aldrovandi Ravioles de queue de boeuf avec fromage Castelmagno

Pipero Roma – Rome – Italy Visit Review: 15.8

Rediscovering bitterness.

Pipero Roma is the type of restaurant that requires a long enough article, I hope you will forgive me, because it is very interesting, both in the work and the mindset of chef Luciano Monosilio. A vision, quite original, but faced with constraints that require reflection. To put it simply, a willingness to work contrasting tastes by focusing much on bitter. But let's start from the [...]
Pipero Roma Tartare de canard

Gli Angeletti – Rome – Italy Visit Review: 7.8

Tourist trap.

This is exactly the kind of restaurant that makes you happy to subscribe to my blog! Nice terrace ... and then it's all! The waiter is like a bear with sore head. After many courtesies, I managed to snatch a smile at the end of the meal. Miracle! It is true that the Vatican is next door. Mix platter of antipasti without any interest, pasta "meh", al dente but it's nothing at all, duck [...]
Gli Angeletti Bruschette