Provence-Côte d’Azur

Le Rock – Hyères – France Visit Review: 14.6


To arrive near a station is always to dream of another world. Between a highway to hell and a staircase to heaven, there is a choice. Edith Cavel joined her personal Jesus (who had just left Chicago) like so many other heroes, which allowed her to have a street in Hyeres, while waiting for Philadelphia. Inspired by these good vibes, it's here that some friends with a smells like teen [...]
Le Rock Ananas

Le Porquerollais – Porquerolles – France Visit Review: 12.8

The check distinguishes it self

Second visit for this restaurant which has some claims to stand out in the central square of Porquerolles. But the only thing really remarkable is the presence of our former president who is recovering in the company of Gerard Jugnot of his forced retirement. All this for an addition that has absorbed local sea spray. The fish soup is good. The octopus carpaccio is a bit commonplace [...]
Le Porquerollais Carpaccio de poulpe

La petite Fringale – Porquerolles – France Visit Review: 13

Munchies filled.

Still happy that some restaurateur have the honesty not to abuse their situation. The owners of this establishment could easily benefit from the fact that they are right next to the wharf to flog craps to the geatest number who disembark daily, without worrying about quality. After all, it pours in Porquerolles, they are not there to retain. If the cuisine is not very elaborate, [...]
La petite fringale La Plancha

Villa Sainte-Anne – Porquerolles – France Visit Review: 13.2

Sainte-Anne, patron saint of the climbers.

On the top of the main square of Porquerolles, Villa Sainte-Anne is itself dominated by the church of the village. This atavism of the heights is found with constancy in the composition of the plates. The terrace deserves a little sprucing up but offers the advantage of having dinner in peace, this part of the place being much less noisy than the bottom. The house has the same [...]
Villa Sainte-Anne Dos de cabilaud

La Chichoumeille – Les Milles – France Visit Review: 13.2


I stopped by chance in this restaurant because I was looking for another one that closed. I trusted the TripAdvisor comments and I can not but congratulate myself. Good products for a cheap menu. Atmosphere a bit noisy but it is an excellent step on the [...]

L’Agua – Nice – France Visit Review: 12

The service sinks.

Good fish cuisine, excellent stir-fried shrimps, delicious stuffed capon (the fish, not the chicken) and a excellent salted butter caramel cream. Why a rating so average? First the setting, an uninteresting room with economic light bulbs and therefore a pale light. Then a service that laughter is the best medicine. The boss's girlfriend is nicely and totally incompetent. Apart from [...]

Terres de truffes – Nice – France Visit Review: 12.4

All truffles.

If the starter, a small tureen of crème fraiche, cocoon of truffle and foie gras, covered with a puff pastry is absolutely succulent, the lamb's shoulder cooked eleven hours, is a little disappointing. Not enough fat, too dry, served with a meat broth too salty (reduction too strong, probably), back in the kitchen and income mounted fresh cream to soften. Of course, do not expect fresh [...]