Pastar – Prague – Czech republic Visit Review: 15.4

Italy in Prague

At first, I was not really hot to go to an Italian restaurant in Prague. But the front of the grocery store with products that seemed authentic convinced me. And I do not regret it. Beef tartar, mushroom bruschetta as a starter, gnocchi with venison ragout, and tagliatelle tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, crème brûlée grapefruit and apple pie. Two Moscatto with peach syrup as an [...]
Pastar Daube de cou de boeuf

Tri Stoleti – Prague – Czech republic Visit Review: 11.2

The tourist I love.

If the house is old (three centuries as the name suggests), the interior has been completely revised in a slightly impersonal mode, probably to please the greatest number, thanks to an absence of affirmed character. Always to attract a trendy clientele, the quad-lingual menu (the website is in 7 languages!) is accompanied by an iPad providing photos, descriptions, weights of the [...]
Tri Stoleti Champignons Portobello grillés

U Modré Kachniky – Prague – Czech republic Visit Review: 16.4

Between Kafka and Dedalus

It's a blue house close to the Vltava, the river that runs through Prague, and that you all know by its German name: the Moldau.   Our Czech friends, fond of Kafka, first gave the same name to their two restaurants, dislocating them only by their address. Even the presentation on the website is confusing. The original, the one I tested, is in Nebovdska and the other in [...]
U Modre Kachnicky table

Casserol – Prague – Czech republic Visit Review: 9.4

A tin-pot.

The restaurant is located in a beautiful cellar. We pass in front of the kitchen to reach the room. The appetizer is succulent: 5 preparations of excellent traditional products, a real treat. The mushroom soup is a disaster, overloaded with dill, absent mushroom taste. Even if it's not expensive, it's really bad. The beef tenderloin with the dumpling of bread is strange. Mixed but [...]

Terasa u Zlate studne – Prague – Czech republic Visit Review: 14.6

Not only the view

The place is not easy to find, even with GPS, but the view is worth the effort. I took the tasting menu with wine at 3200 crowns (120 euros) (4200 so far, 160 euros). This is a good choice since almost all dishes are well cooked. Only deer carpaccio lacks taste. Too much topping for too little meat. The different Czech wines that accompany them are very well chosen. My daughter had [...]