Mamma Mia – Grand Baie – Mauritius Visit Review: 11,6

Light Please!

If I listened to my friend Paul-Emmanuel, I would put a 20/20 and write a dithyrambic article on Mamma Mia, one of his Mauritian canteens. But as my best half sometimes says, I'm not always someone cool ... Do not expect a shootdown flame because we eat pretty well in this Italian restaurant in Grand BaIE. It has the first benefit of having existed for years. This proves that the [...]
Mamma Mia Antipasti

Faggio – Paris – France Visit Review: 10,4

It is not this pizzeria that could have ranked in the top 10 of the classification of the best pizzas in France. Not that pizzas are particularly bad, but they suffer from a letting go that makes all the difference between the exceptional and the misfire.     Because we feel that the dough is quite well worked but then there is a poor management of cooking that makes [...]
Faggio Pizza Diavola

Allegria Paris – Paris – France Visit Review: 13,4

Allegro amabile

The Jardin d'Ivy (fortunately!) gave up its place rue Mouffetard to another establishment that I promised myself to test allegretto.     We start with an appoggiature of croutons with olive oil, mozzarella, olives and basil leaves.     And not just a basic oil since the house offers a Frantoia with a superb aroma.     We [...]
Allegria Paris Linguine de la mer

Pizza di Gio – Paris -France Visit Review: 11,8

Several elements distinguish a good pizza from a bad one. The first, and fundamental, is the preparation of the dough. It must rest at least for 24 hours after a rigorous preparation. We can say that a priori Pizza di Gio respects this first step since the pizza was really crunchy, well cooked, with this smell and taste that you could eat unaccompanied.   The margherita is [...]
Pizza di Gio Pizza Salsiccia

Le Bugatti – Paris – France Visit Review: 13.8

It's a so long time…

Almost 30 years I know the Bugatti and its owner, Jo Dandachi, of Lebanese origin. Always a smiling service, efficient, and quality Italian food. Fresh products. The particuliarity is a style "sweet box" style, rather improbable, consequence of the accumulation for years of various and varied objects. Strange but has its charm. In addition, Jo organized many receptions for Miss [...]

La Locanda di Pietro – Rome – Italy Visit Review: 13.2

Not a tourist trap

In general, always avoid restaurants near tourist centers. It means that the search was difficult when leaving the Vatican Museums. Push off the bold advances of catchy waiters, zigzag between invading terraces, catch your breath between two scents of burnt pizzas and industrial tomato sauce. And then a facade that looks different, an elegant card, a discreet frame. Is this the [...]
La Locanda di Pietro Pâtes

Il Cottage (Dum Dum!) – Paris – France Visit Review: 8.8

For the setting.

As written on the welcome page of their website, everything is in the concept. Not once is what will be on your plate. This is normal, it is not what matters, except at the level of the bill because if it is not one of the best pizzas in Paris, it is probably one of the most expensive. We must pay tribute to the advertiser who invented the concept of "The unique Rooftop at the [...]
Cottage Pâtes

Papacionu – Paris – France Visit Review: 13.4

Corsican Pizzas.

I will avoid the eternal and unbearable recurring theme of the best pizza in Paris. But it seems that these are good enough to last at an address that could not stabilize for several years. Apart from the peculiarity of being Corsican (but I still do not know very well what it means), they have the advantage of being good. Fine pasta, tasty tomato sauce and quality composition [...]

Quartier Latin – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.8

Italy in Mouffetard.

The first thing you notice when you enter is that the place is managed by real Italians, which is becoming rare in Paris. The boss is friendly and very attentive to the staff take care of customers. The products are fresh and quality. A brunch provided on Sunday. A perfect terrace in summer. And a room in the basement. A nice stop in the district of Mouf [...]
Quartier Latin

Pompeï – Paris – France Visit Review: 7.8

Pompeï killed twice.

As said (wrongly) Harpagon, we must eat to live and not live to eat. This restaurant comes within this framework. We are there to eat. It's not horribly bad but totally irrelevant. Salty pizza, elastic dough, suitable wine. An office clientele at noon. Price 8th district. 14 euros for a pizza with 3 ingredients, it calms right away. So only if you are very hungry and everything [...]