Les Orientalistes – Paris – France Visit Review: 13,2

Sardines better grilled than meat.

With such a name, you can quickly feel a somewhat intellectual restaurant. And indeed, the setting has nothing to do with the usual North African decorations (sometimes beautiful, sometimes kitschy as hell) that decorate 99% of "couscous" restaurants.       Here, we are rather in a nostalgia for the past times when France was present on the other side of [...]
Les Orientalistes Sardines grillées

Le Rouget de l’Isle – Casablanca – Maroc Visit Review: 14,8

Sacrilège ! ou pas...

In 2017, I promised myself I would take a complete tour of Le Rouget de l'Isle, one of Casablanca's chic restaurants. At this time, I had only had one drink (and visited the kitchens!) on the balcony overlooking the superb terrace and garden of this villa in the beautiful Casablanca districts, transformed into a restaurant by Taki Kabbaj, its owner and chef.     The [...]
Le Rouget de l'Isle Soufflé caramel

La villa des Orangers – Marrakech – Morrocco Visit Review: 12

Râler et châtier

When the kitchen does not follow the hotel, we can moan and chastise. Especially in a Relais and Chateaux. Yet the setting is superb. Very nice hotel located at the edge of the Medina, at the entrance very discreet, located in an old palace built in the early twentieth century and consists of several courtyards and gardens. One could build Great Expectations on this Thousand and One [...]
La villa des Orangers

Ksar Essaoussan – Marrakech – Morocco Visit Review: 15,2

A pearl

The main fault lies in its name which, in addition to being difficult to remember, promotes the multiplicity of spellings and causes a difficulty to find it directly on Google. Past this pitfall, we find what is commonly called "a hidden gem". Lost in the middle of the Medina, it is a maze that must be traveled to plunge into the darkness of this authentic [...]
Ksar Essaoussan Oranges

Au p’tit Cahoua – Paris – France (T800!) Visit Review: 15.8

My couscous cantina.

As for pizza, the war of the best couscous in Paris is illusory. Between its Berber origins and its Moroccan, Tunisian and Algerian versions, there is enough to maintain the long evenings of endless debates. Still, couscous (like pizza!) does not support mediocrity. Vegetables, meat, semolina, it is necessary to respect a minimum the product to arrive at a result of quality. We have [...]
Au p'tit Cahoua Salle

Restaurant du port de pêche – Casablanca – Morocco Visit Review: 13.4

Meat lovers forbidden.

If you do not like fish, do not come here, because unlike many specialty restaurants that still make a small piece of menu for "the others", here, not the least piece of meat on the horizon. Well yes, it's true, have you ever seen a cow in the sea? The decor is antediluvian, with checkered tablecloths, photographs of a Casablanca of your great grandparents and waiters melted into the [...]
Le restaurant du port de pêche Paella

Chez Ali – Marrakech – Morocco Visit Review:

Once in your life!

To say that I walked backwards to book a table there is a weak word. It is amlmost a gun on the temple that I accepted the proposal of my guide to spend the evening in this 1st category tourist-trap. Even if it means to sink into the supposed disaster, both do things big, so I took VIP seats. The arrival is a real disaster for the historian that I am. One is welcomed between pasteboard [...]
Chez Ali

Le Rouget de l’Isle – Casablanca – Morocco Visit Review: 15


One of the chic Casablanca tables, located in a residential area of colonial epoch, a haven in the middle of a modern sector. It is a beautiful villa with a beautiful garden and an elegant kitchen under the direction of. Le Rouget de l'Isle Hermitage Domaine des 3 Cavaliers Maroc I was able to visit the kitchens that are irreproachable. The space is large enough to hold professional [...]
Le Rouget de l'Isle Hermitage Domaine des 3 Cavaliers Maroc

Bleu Four Seasons- Casablanca – Morocco Visit Review: 15.8


When the power of a multinational company can do nothing against religious laws. This superb hotel and excellent restaurant belonging to the Four Seasons group is located less than 1000 meters from a mosque and is today (July 2017) still waiting for a waiver to be able to sell ... alcohol! It's silly! We were alone at lunch in this huge room with terrace and views of the Atlantic [...]
Bleu Four Seasons Dorade de face