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Belleek Castle – Ballina – Eire Visit Review: 15,8

The castle of drunk beef

The Belleek Castle looks a bit like fairy tales. After crossing a huge fortified gate, you travel several hundred meters in a large wooded park to finally appearing at the corner of a bend, placed on a hill, a castle with gray hues contrasting incredibly with a grass of a green not found.       Crossing the front door, you are immersed in a world [...]
Belleek Castle Façade du château

Nook – Collonney – Eire Visit Review: 11,8

Small establishment not serving alcohol; not even beer! In Ireland !     It is true that it is more a family spirit that gives the owners to the place. If you do not like children, don't go there!   Honest hamburgers. As everywhere, the Irish do not know how to cook french fries. Even if they add with originality herbs to raise the [...]
Nook Jus Berry Love

Ait Eile – Enniscrone – Eire Visit Review: 11

Too many mistakes

First stop of our stay in Ireland and I must recognize that the County of Mayo is not particularly provided in restaurants of high quality. It is therefore without asking me many questions that I select the restaurant No. 1 on TripAdvisor in Enniscrone.     The cocktails are quite rustic, with pieces of broken ice that make the tasting difficult and some small ice [...]
Ait Eile Filet migon de porc

L’Essentiel – Deauville – France Visit Review: 15,4

I've got gut ! That's Essentiel !

Visit that is just prior obtaining the Michelin star. But don't be fooled, I have not changed a line! After the exhaustive list of TripAdvisor, friends are my second selection of restaurants. You, dear reader, you also have my blog, and I thank you for following me! Being the last stop of our stay in Deauville, normal that I take care of the selection. No great originality as [...]
L'Essentiel Gambas passion

La Chaumière – Aubigny-sur-Nère – France Visit Review: 14,2

Better and better

From one year to the next, it is a sensible progress that we feel on the plate. During my first visit in late 2016, I noticed an interesting touch but with a je-ne-sais-quoi uncompleted. My visit in December 2017 showed me significant progress at all levels. Except perhaps the service which sometimes "act like nothing's". Small appetizers and classic appetizers. We start with a [...]
La Chaumière Carpaccio de Saint-Jacques

Escale créole – Moka – Mauritius Visit Review: 16.2


Why? Why is this restaurant listed on Tripadvisor N°1 in Mauritius in front of all the restaurants of luxury hotels? One of the biggest problems of Tripadvisor is the categorization of establishments. Indeed, this one is a very nice canteen under pergola proposing a very tasty Creole cuisine. There are only two menus but at those prices, take the full. You have an assortment [...]
Escale créole Plats