La Goélette Royal Palm (i)- Grand Baie – Mauritius Visit Review: 18,6

Loin devant...

In recent years, I have skimmed a large part of notable Mauritian tables. And I'm going to the Royal Palm Goélette today for the second time to close this trip. First, for my English readers, please apologize for the translation because I made the French article with many specific expressions of Navy, which are sometimes very difficult to translate keeping the spirit of the text. I [...]
La Goélette Royal Palm Thon

La Goélette Royal Palm – Grand Baie – Mauritius Visit Review: 17.8

A MOF at the helm.

A wise man change sometimes his mind, a fool never. And it is true that I hate to give a superlative, too common habit that unfortunately applies to both pizzerias and starred restaurants. But in a relatively small panel like Mauritius, where only the pretension of some seems to compete with the competence of others, we need to acknowledge, after having tested some, that Michel de [...]
La Goélette Royal Palm Moelleux d'oursin parfumé de combava

Epicure – Paris – France Visit Review: 18.2

Silence. And enjoy!

You will have to trust me. I'm not going to spread out entire pages to celebrate this restaurant. From a certain moment, the dithyramb becomes bland.   I had the opportunity to have a table in (almost) last minute on Thursday for Saturday night. I had just started for three weeks my work experience in restaurant for my CAP (NVQ). And I admit that I was dead [...]
Epicure Bristol Précieux chocolat Nyangbo

Georges Blanc – Vonnas – France Visit Review: 18.6

You will begging for more.

With Monsieur Paul (2 visits), Georges Blanc is, in my opinion, one of the best stop of the province in France (4 visits). Is it necessary to make a descriptive of the great quality of the chicken of Bresse? Will I tell you the history of the Blanc family? A blah on the cellar? Compliments on the service? Everything has already been said. What I appreciate above all here is an [...]
Georges Blanc Saint-Jacques

Bocuse – Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or – France Visit Review: 18.8

Once in your life.Two is better!

What to say about a legend? As Monsieur Paul is today more than an institution. If some reproach his megalomania, he must be recognized as THE figure of French cuisine of the twentieth century. And watch out, you might get burned (at Pepper X!) It is said that one day the greatest chefs of the world were gathered around a good table and at the end were discussing to define the [...]
Bocuse Poularde en vessie

Le Parc Les Crayères – Reims – France Visit Review: 14.8

I'll come one again

Having done almost all the Michelin-starred restaurants of Reims, I say I still have a lot of experience, but I admit to be very annoyed about this establishment because even by rereading my first impressions of the time, I still can not define which caused me problems. There was a hint of general disharmony that had left our table of three with a slight sense of indefinable [...]