Chef Elias Fares – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.8

Little Liban in Paris

It is a chef I am following for almost 30 years as he moves between different restaurants. He is now living in his own establishment.It is a simple Lebanese cooking but of excellent quality. Knowing that I limited my Lebanese meals to Mezze. I take a bit of everything with a particular like for Arayess (meat-stuffed pains) and Rkakat (cheese puff pastry). Check of 32 for [...]
Chef Helias Addition

La rose de Damas – Paris – France Visit Review: 10.6


The products are of good quality and fresh. I took an assortment of starters (mezzes).To say it simply, (even if I take the risk of making enemies), we will say that, despite the name changes, it's the same as the Lebanese cuisine but less [...]
Rose de Damas