Michelin Stars

Le Gabriel La Réserve (i) – Paris – France Visit Review: 16,6

Limestone, show and artichoke!

Why this strange title about a restaurant? Because both chef Jérôme Banctel and director Marco Tognon make us a superb show of what modern French cuisine is but not losing its roots.     But let's begin at the beginning. (Epanadiplose and pleonasm I must calm down!) The appetizers are far from basic with a tart of foie gras and Shitake mashed potatoes, then a thin [...]

L’Essentiel – Deauville – France Visit Review: 15,4

I've got gut ! That's Essentiel !

Visit that is just prior obtaining the Michelin star. But don't be fooled, I have not changed a line! After the exhaustive list of TripAdvisor, friends are my second selection of restaurants. You, dear reader, you also have my blog, and I thank you for following me! Being the last stop of our stay in Deauville, normal that I take care of the selection. No great originality as [...]
L'Essentiel Gambas passion

La Maison dans le Parc – Nancy – France Visit Review: 14,8

Nice Maison in a nice parc.

La Maison dans le Parc, Nancy's only Michelin-starred restaurant, under the direction of chef Françoise Mutel, could not avoid my passage. And this was definitely the best step of my four stops. At my next visit, I will try to visit château d'Adomenil, near Luneville, which is the only comparable house nearby.     The dining-room is classic, in black, overlooking a [...]
La Maison dans le Parc Filet Angus

Bistrot 64 – Rome – Italy Visit Review: 16.4

A Japanese in Roma.

Third and last of the Michelin star restaurants tested during our trip to Rome. Probably the most successful even if we always find something to say! I'm a little perfectionist on the edges! First of all, we are at the limits of the pillars of Hercules, in the north of Rome, well above Villa Borghese. As for the setting, we are more in the concept of bistronomy since the walls are [...]
Bistrot 64 Filet de cabillaud

Assaje Aldrovandi – Rome – Italy Visit Review: 14.6

Confortable numb.

This restaurant is the total opposite of Pipero Roma. To sum up, good (too) but no risk taking. It must be said that it is a hotel restaurant. They can not disturb the clients. There is a nice garden with a pool. You can have a cocktail there. There is a bar. Beware of mosquitoes, the area is a bit damp.   As in Pipero, welcome with a glass of sparkling (Italian this [...]
Assaje Aldrovandi Ravioles de queue de boeuf avec fromage Castelmagno

Pipero Roma – Rome – Italy Visit Review: 15.8

Rediscovering bitterness.

Pipero Roma is the type of restaurant that requires a long enough article, I hope you will forgive me, because it is very interesting, both in the work and the mindset of chef Luciano Monosilio. A vision, quite original, but faced with constraints that require reflection. To put it simply, a willingness to work contrasting tastes by focusing much on bitter. But let's start from the [...]
Pipero Roma Tartare de canard

Restaurant 1741 – Strasbourg – France Visit Review: 13.8

Twice fail.

Restaurant that deserves its Michelin star but that left me (for the second time) on my unsatisfied. First of all you have to know that there are three rooms. (Only the ground floor is accessible to the disabled because the building is eighteenth century and difficult to convert). The first two classics and the last in format "tables and high chairs" facing the kitchen. I had [...]
Restaurant 1741 Asperges

Lasserre (i) – Paris – France Visit Review: 17.2

Happy Birthday

There, I was invited. It must be said that it was my birthday! For my 50 years, half a century, one of my oldest friends, press attaché, had organized a dinner. As I was treated well and that in addition, it was perfect, I will not lnit-pick, honestly, there was none. Of course, in the meantime, many things have changed. Adrien Trouilloud is no longer there, Michel Roth came to [...]
Lasserre Pigeon André Malraux

Dallais La Promenade – Le-Petit-Pressigny – France Visit Review: 12.4

Lack of cohesion

Beautiful establishment, with One star Michelin, although the decoration is a little strange, mixing modern paintings, very beautiful baroque Murano glass chandeliers (or style, I'm not going to look at the origin). The space is really a bit high and lacks warmth. These comments are for the right room. The one on the left seems more cozy. The welcome is a bit special because the woman [...]
La Promenade Mousse crustacés, émulsion d'huître