Bleu Grill Restaurant – Paris – France Visit Review: 5,2

With Blue, I see red.

A restaurant where both the brand and the showcase featuring the names of renowned beef races promise you a carnivorous meal like no other.       And great disappointment. First of all, the menu is quite commonplace, not presenting at all the above-mentioned races. So no indication of Salers, Limousine, Aquitaine or other Charolais. Also, it only offers a [...]
Bleu Grill Français Travers de porc

Le Rock – Hyères – France Visit Review: 14.6


To arrive near a station is always to dream of another world. Between a highway to hell and a staircase to heaven, there is a choice. Edith Cavel joined her personal Jesus (who had just left Chicago) like so many other heroes, which allowed her to have a street in Hyeres, while waiting for Philadelphia. Inspired by these good vibes, it's here that some friends with a smells like teen [...]
Le Rock Ananas

L’effet Bœuf – Les Arcs 1800 – France Visit Review: 13

Meat eaters

Information before all my comments on the restaurants of ski resorts: I take less care of the fact that they are a little more expensive than the average" "in plain." Several reasons: the routing is more expensive, they pay off on a shorter season and they have a captive clientele so I do not think it's smart to complain about the rates when you go to such restaurants (when the quality [...]

Au bœuf couronné – Paris – France Visit Review: 12.6


Institution which scarcely  needs a presentation. For the record, my grandfather frequented this establishment a few decades ago, not only because we found there the best meat in Paris but also because he regularly took his correspondents of Mossad who wanted do a cure of non-kosher products during their stay in Paris! I admit to having abandoned this place following two [...]
Au boeuf couronné

La braise sur l’île du Saussay – Itteville – France Visit Review: 13.6

Restaurant of ember, frozen service

We come here for meats. They are excellent quality and perfectly cooked. There is a pretty good wine list. But the glasses are poorly served. The worst is probably the woman boss who, without being unpleasant, is simply very distant. No smile. I informed her that I had found the restaurant by chance thanks to TripAdvisor. The response expressed as much contempt for this site as a [...]