Georges Blanc – Vonnas – France Visit Review: 18.6

You will begging for more.

With Monsieur Paul (2 visits), Georges Blanc is, in my opinion, one of the best stop of the province in France (4 visits). Is it necessary to make a descriptive of the great quality of the chicken of Bresse? Will I tell you the history of the Blanc family? A blah on the cellar? Compliments on the service? Everything has already been said. What I appreciate above all here is an [...]
Georges Blanc Saint-Jacques

Greuze – Tournus – France Visit Review: 12.4


Restaurant that left you on unsatisfied because quite uneven.First of all, the modern room is really awful. It's like being in a morgue. Improbable lamp decorate the walls, everything is gray, no character. This is modern and will probably be completely out of date in a few years. But this is obviously quite personal.The card is a disconcerting presentation, with only menus, [...]

L’Assiette champenoise – Tinqueux/Reims – France Visit Review: 17.8


What to say if it is not the establishment deserves no problem its three Michelin stars?I will not make a schedule of the menu, better to keep you the surprise. The style is classic with a touch of modernity but without sinking into the unbearable "creative".The service is perfect. Everyone knows his job and the menu. Ability to create a friendly friendliness. The frame is [...]
Assiette champenoise

L’Edito – Reims – France Visit Review: 12.4

Clients in press

Restaurant which works well, very well. Too well? Classic Brasserie dishes without much interest but invigorating. With a tendency to mix genres and countries. The only thing that really surprised me is that he has the title of Maître-Restaurateur while some dishes do not seem really compatible with this degree.L'Edito The boss is there to do business (hence efficiency/speed). [...]

Chez Françoise – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.6

Level inversely proportional to the floor.

Title that may seem perverse if you do not know that Chez Françoise restaurant is hidden for more than half a century under the terminal of the Invalides. It was an establishment that I attended regularly during the 90s. I returned there a little less than three years ago without disappointment.It must be said that storing the title of Maître Restaurateur is often time (I know [...]
Chez Françoise Corton-Charlemange Grand Cru Rapet

Mollard – Paris – France Visit Review: 13


Fast lunch and alone for my last visit but my previous in my youth gave me the opportunity to taste my first lobster Thermidor, one of these recipes invented by Auguste Escoffier at the end of this flourishing nineteenth century. Today, I was satisfied with honest snails followed by an excellent tartare. And a real pleasure for the individual Norwegian omelet for dessert. Menu at [...]

La Tour d’Argent – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.4

Incredible view

I hesitated to make an article about a restaurant that I have not visited for almost 10 years. But attending regularly during the 90s, I wish to share with you some excellent souvenirs even if the house has difficulties to get up on its feet. First, the duck "au sang". Institution in the institution. My grandfather ate one in the 30s and threw his numbered duck card shortly before [...]