Joséphine Chez Dumonet -Paris – France Visit Review: 16,2

Back to the roots

Back to the roots after a long holidays! With the winter approaching, it was necessary to revise my bases, the sauce knowledges, the foie gras and stuffed morels. Is there a better place than the restaurant in which I've done my graduation? It is therefore light (and stomach!) hearted that I brought one of my oldest friends.   Joséphine Chez Dumonet Maître [...]
Joséphine Chez Dumonet Morilles farcies 2

Beach Rouge Lux Belle Mare – Belle Mare – Mauritius Visit Review: 14,2

Almost very good

The Lux* group is known a lot in Mauritius for a few years, mainly through a fairly active communication policy, highlighting their three hotels located at three sides of the island.     This is the Belle Mare that I visited, with a main stop in its restaurant Beach Rouge.       The entrance is very classic for this kind of upscale [...]

L’Essentiel – Deauville – France Visit Review: 15,4

I've got gut ! That's Essentiel !

Visit that is just prior obtaining the Michelin star. But don't be fooled, I have not changed a line! After the exhaustive list of TripAdvisor, friends are my second selection of restaurants. You, dear reader, you also have my blog, and I thank you for following me! Being the last stop of our stay in Deauville, normal that I take care of the selection. No great originality as [...]
L'Essentiel Gambas passion

A la table du bon roi Stanislas – Nancy France Visit Review: 11,2

Le roi est bon. Quant à l'assiette...

What is the N° 1 restaurant on TripAdvisor in Nancy worth? Its business is to propose a cooking based on original recipes of the 18° century and polish inspiration, King Stanislas requires. Thus the rum baba, invented by Nicolas Stohrer, the vol-au-vent or the Madeleine.     The partner who manages the room is an excellent seller who knows his menu very well and [...]
A la table du bon roi Stanislas Boudin blanc

La Maison dans le Parc – Nancy – France Visit Review: 14,8

Nice Maison in a nice parc.

La Maison dans le Parc, Nancy's only Michelin-starred restaurant, under the direction of chef Françoise Mutel, could not avoid my passage. And this was definitely the best step of my four stops. At my next visit, I will try to visit château d'Adomenil, near Luneville, which is the only comparable house nearby.     The dining-room is classic, in black, overlooking a [...]
La Maison dans le Parc Filet Angus

Le Rock – Hyères – France Visit Review: 14.6


To arrive near a station is always to dream of another world. Between a highway to hell and a staircase to heaven, there is a choice. Edith Cavel joined her personal Jesus (who had just left Chicago) like so many other heroes, which allowed her to have a street in Hyeres, while waiting for Philadelphia. Inspired by these good vibes, it's here that some friends with a smells like teen [...]
Le Rock Ananas

Villa Sainte-Anne – Porquerolles – France Visit Review: 13.2

Sainte-Anne, patron saint of the climbers.

On the top of the main square of Porquerolles, Villa Sainte-Anne is itself dominated by the church of the village. This atavism of the heights is found with constancy in the composition of the plates. The terrace deserves a little sprucing up but offers the advantage of having dinner in peace, this part of the place being much less noisy than the bottom. The house has the same [...]
Villa Sainte-Anne Dos de cabilaud

Joséphine-Chez Dumonet (T800) – Paris – France Visit Review: 16.2


I admit it, here I am totally subjective. Normal, I spent four months in the kitchens of this restaurant for my CAP (NVQ) Cuisine course in Ferrandi. To learn more, I encourage you to read the "About" tab. I first pushed the door of this restaurant more than 25 years ago. My mother's husband had his habits and I still remember a salad of lamb's lettuce with Perigord black [...]
Joséphine-Chez Dumonet Ris de veau

Winstub S’kaechele – Strasbourg – France Visit Review: 13.8

Little traditional winstub

Small traditional Winstub offering quality and homemade dishes. And which also has the title of Maître Restaurateur. Everything is traditional and authentic, from the owners to the decor and the kitchen, of course. The boss is extremely nice and will guide you according to your appetite and you discover the local products. Excellent foie gras, the same for braised ham pinot noir [...]
Winstub S'Kaechele Foie gras

Meiselocker – Strasbourg – France Visit Review: 12.8

The chirping of the tit

Small restaurant traditional style since it has been open for a few years only. It belongs to the same owner as the 1741, Michelin starred restaurant, which provided me with two mixed experiences. You will also find it on this blog. The Meiselocker is a tit lover. We exchanged his statue with the Munich against the VaterRhein after the war. Obviously, I'm talking about the Great War [...]
Meiselocker Foie gras