Mexi and Co – Paris – France Visit Review: 11.8

It's crisis.

Location that I frequent still once or twice a year. What is the same? Good products, a cantina atmosphere with the common table, the cutlery that we take himself, mostly friendly waitresses, grocery shelves. What has changed? We feel that the crisis has passed by. The quantities have narrowed significantly in the plate. Without changing prices. What is always nice? The beautiful [...]
Mexi and Co Façade

Le Pario – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.8


Brazilian inspiration for this restaurant as it is the origins of the chef, Eduardo Jacinto. He worked a long time with Chistian Constant before fending for himself. Good for squid chorizo sauce (15 euros) or Roman salad, ditto for an excellent rabbit pie. A japanese touch more on the last menu with a tataki of beef. All very well worked but it is the least he could, with his [...]
Le Pario