Belleek Castle – Ballina – Eire Visit Review: 15,8

The castle of drunk beef

The Belleek Castle looks a bit like fairy tales. After crossing a huge fortified gate, you travel several hundred meters in a large wooded park to finally appearing at the corner of a bend, placed on a hill, a castle with gray hues contrasting incredibly with a grass of a green not found.       Crossing the front door, you are immersed in a world [...]
Belleek Castle Façade du château

La Chaumière – Aubigny-sur-Nère – France Visit Review: 14,2

Better and better

From one year to the next, it is a sensible progress that we feel on the plate. During my first visit in late 2016, I noticed an interesting touch but with a je-ne-sais-quoi uncompleted. My visit in December 2017 showed me significant progress at all levels. Except perhaps the service which sometimes "act like nothing's". Small appetizers and classic appetizers. We start with a [...]
La Chaumière Carpaccio de Saint-Jacques

Auberge le Beauharnais (T800) – La Ferté-Beauharnais – France Visit Review: 16.4

More and more

  I do not count my visits in this house that includes everything I like in traditional dishes. But who knows how to get up to date without losing any of its marks. As noted last time, the boar's head was replaced by an elegant deer. The first is now at home!     It has become for me a stopping point for every stay in Sologne. Even if the foie gras [...]
Auberge Le Beauharnais Lentilles du Berry et moules

L’Assiette – Paris – France Visit Review: 13

Reactionary but not too much.

Although I like the traditional, it should not be too much reaction. I landed in this restaurant after a video of the chef, David Rathgeber, on Facebook praising his hare à la Royale. We are there on dishes and mentalities that make me crack like rediscovering the calf's head in "turtle". But he made a quick description of the recipe and seasoned it with wild comments against the [...]
L'assiette Tourte de canard colvert et foie gras

Le Casse-Noix – Paris – France Visit Review: 14

Good nuts, broken milk rice.

First visit in 2015 that amazed me mainly by the more than succulent milk rice. The rest of the dishes were quite standard for a restaurant doing in the fresh produce. For this second passage, we were four, which allowed me to test for you several dishes.   Two interesting appetizers with fried chanterelles and poached egg as well as the pig's head and its ravigote sauce. [...]
Casse-Noix Perdreau rouge rôti, poêlée de champignons et son jus

Hotel restaurant du Commerce – Pont-de-Vaux – France Visit Review: 14.4

Old Fashion

Yes, I know, I have the art to find the old traditional places with a bit old-fashioned decoration and the cooking not at all trendy. That's right the setting is a little bit frightening. The floor tiles are more than vintage. The coating of the chairs would scare the Adams Family. All those products are in very good conditions, don't mistake. There are only completely not "à la [...]
Hôtel Restaurant du Commerce Poulet aux morilles

Le coq de la Maison blanche – Saint-Ouen – France Visit Review: 14.6

In clover

More than 20 years that I frequent this suburban house. The last time, it was for my birthday. And apart from its owner, Alain François who, like me, takes the weight of years, nothing has changed. You enter here in an "old-fashioned" house in all its splendor, although some may blame it (sometimes rightly) for not having moved for too long. And it is true that between a multiform [...]
Le coq de la maison blanche Tête de veau

U Modré Kachniky – Prague – Czech republic Visit Review: 16.4

Between Kafka and Dedalus

It's a blue house close to the Vltava, the river that runs through Prague, and that you all know by its German name: the Moldau.   Our Czech friends, fond of Kafka, first gave the same name to their two restaurants, dislocating them only by their address. Even the presentation on the website is confusing. The original, the one I tested, is in Nebovdska and the other in [...]
U Modre Kachnicky table

La Marlotte – Paris – France Visit Review: 14.6

Which future?

You will see that I always try to update the informations about restaurants. For example, this one will probably change of owner in the year. So my rating is for a lunch I made in January. I'll try to come back when the situation will be stabilized. In the meantime, it's a good table of traditional French cuisine under the guidance of Gilles Ajuelos. So it's changing? It's not [...]
La Marlotte Addition

La p’tite Marmite – Lamotte-Beuvron – France Visit Review: 11.8

Comic kettle

Some restaurants are a play. Here we are closer to Courteline (a well-known humoristic french writer born at Tours) than Racine (the famous dramatist born at La Ferté-Milon). We are greeted by a gentleman who could be considered jovial if he did not consistently assemble the same worthless jokes to all the clients who enter. But let's say no more about this, it warms it up! There is [...]
La petite Marmitte Terrine du jour