Schloss Balthasar – Rust – Germany Visit Review: 15.4

Deutschland über alles !

I am sorry to tell you that, but Germans beat Americans hollow! My parent status forced me one day to go to EuroDisney. I have obviously chosen to go to lunch in the restaurants "high-end" (if indeed this term can have a significance in this place) to avoid the junk food accessible to "vulgum pecus", and without find something to satisfy me, of course. I know, I'm obnoxious, but I'll [...]
Schloss Balthasar

Wolfshöhle – Fribourg – Germany Visit Review: 13


The elements are very good qualities, quite well worked, the service is perfect. What is missing? Some associations of tastes. The best dish is undoubtedly the sea bass with a slice of semi-candied melon and salicornia. The sea trout has no interest. Duck is an assemblage of good products but without thought association. Good dessert. Excellent selection of wines with this [...]
Wolfshöhle Ruländer Walz

Wieninger Brau – Prien am Chiemsee – Germany Visit Review: 15

Bavarian Cellar

Restaurant in which there is practically only locals. I had a big Angus steak on stir fried chanterelles with cream and röstis. Huge portion, I could not finish. A meat served bleeding and soft. A delight.   For the ridiculous price of 25 euros the dish. A must to taste local. Service smiling but we do not linger. They are here to work. Which does not mean that we [...]
Wieninger Keller

Parkhotel Wehrle – Triberg – Germany Visit Review: 15

Beautiful restaurant with two rooms, one of red hangings and the other of wooden formwork and old tiled stove. Menu a little bit short, in German only. Local products well worked. A creamy mushroom soup, a creamy dish of cream, a little heavy, but we are in Germany ... A quarter of good German white wine for the price, in Paris, of a glass of wine just right. The staff speaks a little [...]

Il Pescatore – Füssen – Germany Visit Review: 13.8


It was not expected that I eat Italian in Germany but I only had that desire tonight. Good fresh products, a very smiling service. A very honest price. Not even a tourist [...]

Dreimaderlhaus – Berlin – Germany Visit Review: 13.4

Germany, and all that.

Small restaurant created in 1884, with practically only local customers. Very little space. Great Wienerschnitzel with asparagus and hollandaise sauce (it was the season!). A boss a little rough but in fact very nice account. Good German wines. The house does not have a dessert [...]

Dicke Wirtin – Berlin – Germany Visit Review: 14.6

Berlin canteen.

Restaurant where the locals are many. We waited sympathetically at the bar before a table was released. The service is very friendly and smiling. Wienerschnitzel with asparagus and hollandaise sauce. Good beers and good white German wines. An authentic and inexpensive [...]
Dicke Wirtin WienerSchnitzel aux asperges