Dum Dum

Amass – Copenhagen – Denmark Visit Review: 8

For 500 bucks, you got nothing

For 500 bucks, you find yourself in the harbor area of ​​Copenhagen, in front of an industrial building that does not even have the excuse of a certain originality, access via a metal staircase that gives little hope for disabled people. Maybe there is an elevator but it is well hidden. And there is no call bell.       For 500 bucks, you reach an [...]
Amass Sandre

Le Cherche Midi (Dum Dum !) – Paris – France Visit Review: 9,6

Carnage at Colonnata...

  What more can you shout than "Murderers!" when you make a Bacon Colonnata suffer as they do in this establishment? And yet, the College Culinaire de France label could make believe that here they respect such a beautiful product.   The photo tickles your brain? Oh yes ! Not only is there a lemon, but the bacon is bathed in this juice. No sooner it has passed the [...]
Le Cherche Midi Colonnata

Le Réservoir (Dum Dum!)- Paris – France Visit Review: 10.6

Some reserve.

If I go to this establishment, it is mainly to go to concerts of the group "Les cochons dans l'espace" (Pigs in space). Rock, real and with a lot of humor. But the table is now more of a drum machine than musical genius. If there is still a year, we felt that the kitchen were working a little, today, we are in the industrial kitchen simply warmed, sometimes cooked (phew!) and [...]
Le Réservoir Carafe Margherita

Le Off (Dum Dum!) – Pointe aux Canonniers – Mauritius Visit Review: 11


It's really the war we want to declare to this kind of establishment that is cheating on you with their website. Have a look and admire the sublime photos. And choose somewhere else. The owner has used a professional (very competent) photographer to get these images that make you dream. And when you go through the gate, you think that you are at a wrong address. Here you have a [...]
Le Off Takati de thon et Nouilles Soba

L’archipel des saveurs – Grand Baie – Mauritius Visit Review: 8.8

No more talk, we shoot.

Still in the series "hotel restaurants that have a very light lunch card", I introduce our champion. The setting impress a maximum even if one feels that the straw huts begin to be a little old. The water of the pool where the tables stay is charming but too stagnant. Mosquitoes are crazy, customers are less. The pool is an ice cube. The bartender is a long (long, long, long time [...]
L'Archipel des Saveurs Poke Bowl

T’Zwaantje (Dum Dum) – Amsterdam – Netherlands Visit Review: 10.6

Here is a restaurant that would be a fair average culinary level if ... I'll keep the best for the end. It has a website that makes the effort to be translated into French and English. You will find me a little hard but you have to know that as the Dutch have a terrible language that no one wants to learn (except maybe aliens who find there by the greatest chance syntactic [...]
T'Zwantje Accompagnements boeuf

Les petites sorcières (Dum Dum) – Paris – France Visit Review: 10.8

Bull shit.

Is it kind to shoot on an ambulance? Only people completely in love with Ghislaine Arabian can still cense this place which is only the shadow of its former self. First of all the dining room has the disadvantage of being very noisy and a banal decoration. Then a very long wait for the starters. The problem comes from cooking and not from service. The main waiter was fully aware [...]

The Breslin (Dum Dum!) – New-York – USA Visit Review: 10.4

A shame

When I was told at the end of the meal that this restaurant had a Michelin star, I only regretted one thing is not to have returned all dishes in the kitchen, except the dessert. Razor Clams a little overcooked and especially too salty, mushrooms accompanied by a burrata ball on a huge slice of bread without any interest, small curry pie banal and too acidic. The oysters were good. It [...]
Breslin Musar Jeune Liban