Le Réservoir (Dum Dum!)- Paris – France Visit Review: 10.6

Some reserve.

If I go to this establishment, it is mainly to go to concerts of the group "Les cochons dans l'espace" (Pigs in space). Rock, real and with a lot of humor. But the table is now more of a drum machine than musical genius. If there is still a year, we felt that the kitchen were working a little, today, we are in the industrial kitchen simply warmed, sometimes cooked (phew!) and [...]
Le Réservoir Carafe Margherita

Chez Ali – Marrakech – Morocco Visit Review:

Once in your life!

To say that I walked backwards to book a table there is a weak word. It is amlmost a gun on the temple that I accepted the proposal of my guide to spend the evening in this 1st category tourist-trap. Even if it means to sink into the supposed disaster, both do things big, so I took VIP seats. The arrival is a real disaster for the historian that I am. One is welcomed between pasteboard [...]
Chez Ali